Where Russians can easily get into the US consulate

“The War of Sanctions” and the coming season of holidays significantly complicated the process of obtaining American visas for Russians.

Without thinking twice, for about a year the Russians have been making treasured visas in another country, but the situation is coming up to the boil, the multimillion Russia is blocking the flows of local tourists and the visa quota for non-residents is getting declined. So, for example, in Armenia, Georgia and Estonia you can get a visa only by registering for an interview in mid-August and later.

In the course of personal research into the statistics of visa histories of countries close to the Russian Federation, it was possible to find out that it is the easiest process to get on an interview and get a visa is in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland and the Czech Republic, where there are free dates even for April-May.

The information is spreading extremely fast, so if you are planning a trip to the states , we recommend you not to delay and enroll for interview as soon as possible.