South Korea


CITY: Seul, Busan, Gunsan, Suwon, Ulsan, Ilsan, Kimhe, Tegu, Kwanchjou, Puchjon, Changwong , etc

WORKPLACE: night club, karaoke- bar

VACANCY: hostesses



ACCOMMODATION: clubs provide the apartment for accommodation, the girls should pay the bill for electricity,

water, gas

FLIGHT: not provided some clubs will pay compensation for air tickets, the sum is according to the agreement

FOOD: for most part not provided

Some clubs will pay for 50 000 KRW per 1 month for food

TRANSFER: from airport to apartment provided for free, sometimes the girls reach apartment by themselves

SALARY: from 900 000 KRW per 1 month

The payment for every 1 hour conversation with guests in the karaoke bars is 10 000 KRW

Payment salary is in the end of work month, the % for cocktails is every 2 weeks hour’s paymet once for 1 or 2 weeks

Average earnings is about 2500-3000-3500 USD per month

WORK’S HOURS: from 07:00 pm till 05:00 am

1-2 day off per 1 month


TYPE OF PASSPORT: international passport is required

CITIZENSHIP: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

TYPE: slavic appearance in ptiority

AGE: 19-25 years old

HEIGHT: 160- 170cm

WEIGHT: without overweight

LANGUAGE: basic english

Pay attention: Ukrainians are issued the visa only for 30 days instead 90 days for this moment

The clubs temporally don’t will accept Ukrainian girls for 30 days