CITY: Singapore

WORKPLACE: night club

VACANCY: hostess


MINIMUM TERM OF THE CONTRACT: 2 months for touristic visa, 3-6 months for work visa

FLIGHT: not provided

There are compensation for air tickets from 600 USD till 1000 USD in some clubs, deppends on contract

FOOD: not provided

ACCOMMODATION: provided for free or should be paid by girls, deppends on the contact

TRANSFER: according to agreement

SALARY: basic salary is 420-3000 SGD

The payment is once a month

The % payment for beverages is every day or 1 time per 2 weeks

WORK’S HOURS: 10:00 pm -06:00 am , one of the clubs till 03:00 am

1-4 days off per month, deppends on the contract


TYPE OF PASSPORT: international passport is required

VISA: national Singapore Visa, Work Visa

Visa free entry for ES passports

TYPE: beautiful girls

AGE: 18 – 30 years old

HEIGHT: from 165 cm

WEIGHT: without overweight

LANGUAGE: intermediate english