CITY: different

WORKPLACE: clubs, show rooms

VACANCY: hostesses, models, go-go dancers



VISA: The clubs providing work visa for dancers and hostesses

The models should get business visa before trip

FLIGHT: for dancers and hstesses provided one way ticket for 3 months contract, round ticket for 6 months


The company will buy return ticket for free in case the Model took part more than 60 shows during 3 months

FOOD: not provided

ACCOMMODATION: provided for free for dancers and hostesses contract

Payment is 150 USD for model contract

TRANSFER: depends on the contract

SALARY: basic salary for dancers and hostesses is from 6600 RMB per 1 month

Payment is once a month

All tips are shared with the clubs 50/50%, 40/60%, 30/70% – depends on club

Basic salary for models 600 USD +25% for 1 show or only 60 % for 1 show without basic salary

WORK’S HOURS: 5 – 5,5 hours per day

There is no days off for dancers and hostesses

Days off for models will not paid


TYPE OF PASSPORT: international passport is required

VISA: work visa for dancers and hostesses, business visa for models

TYPE: beautiful girls

AGE: 19 – 28 years old

HEIGHT: from 165 cm for hostesses and dancers

For models from 175 cm / girls and from 185 / boys

WEIGHT: without overweight

LANGUAGE: Basic English is welcomed