The Contract Processing

One of the main conditions of job connection to the club is singing an employment contract. The employment contract is an agreement between employee and employer according to conditions,where employee undertakes to fulfill a specific work ,that relates to the agreement. Also employee should undertake to comply with internal regulations and obligations of the club . The employer ,at another point , provides working terms and conditions ,related to the agreement. Processing the contract in Prestige Model Agency,you will get following terms,such as:

1. You will sign an employment contract ,where obligations of the parties to the contract, working conditions,salary and other important points are wrote into. Employment contract and working visa are processed and signed before trip abroad.

2. You will get clear-cut information about place of work ,salary and working conditions.

3. You will get contracts of our representatives to connect with them and to ask your questions. And you will get your answers in real-time. 

All our clubs we cooperate with, stand the test and have a license. Be sure,that you are in safe hands with Prestige Model Agency. Trust professionals!