Our managers

Inna 1

My name is Inna and I’m a manager of Prestige Model Agency. I  have got acquanted with agency more than 3 years ago. I was studying all information, details, was reading the comments and finally I decided to fly on my first contract to Italy. I was afraid so much, but I took a chance, and it was all a blur.

I quit high-paid job at St Petersburg to see the world and  absorb all the best qualities of different peoples of the world. Airports, bagagge, new countries, hobbies, bright and colourful life – everything this would have expected me after quitting.

Contract job presented me huge life experience,  I am not more afraid of losing comfort zone and I’m not afraid of suspense more. I became confident, independent, communicative. I’ve  acquired new friends, learned a lot of interesting things, I began studying second foreign language, I have seen such beautiful places of our planet, have learnt much about new cultures. I continue opening for myself new countries and cities. I want you to understand that it’s more easier and available, than seems at first sight.

The idea of being manager was stalking me from the start of my working on contract. And now I have experience and opportunity to help you to open the door into your new life. Please, whrite me and we will find an ideal contract, based on our proposals and your wishes.

The work  with Prestige Model Agency is the best opportunity to change your life, see the World and earn money for your dream. Let’s fly with us!!!

Katrin 2

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency since 2015, always online, almost 24 hours a day. In the past I worked as a tourist manager, dancer, animator, hostess, editor of online magazine, photographer, and other 100500 proffessions-hobbies. Long time I lived in Turkey and Tunisia and now i’m temporarily in Russia in cases of particular importance.

If you are interesting on positive communication and productive dialogues, you’re welcome, without doubts.

By the way a lot of posts you can always find on Instagram, please, subscribe and keep in touch.

Jane 3

Mi name is Jane.

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency more than 3 years. My morning starts with  messages from my girls, I go asleep also with my phone, texting, I can’t see my life without this  job! Before I became manager, I had an experience on the contracts at different countries! That’s why I always share my experience with my girls, try to give good adveces for the beginners.

I try to keep in contact with the girls to the maximum, because from my own experience I know that this support is very important!

I look for individual approach to each girl, considering all of her wishes. If the girl is a beginner and can’t figure out, i can easily help! I’m always turned to open and positive talking. I’m always fascinated when the girls-contractors share their acheiving, express thai personal views about the club, the country. Because different and new views are always the way to improve.

Olga 4

I’m Olga and I have been working in Prestige Model Agency since 2017.

After  next contract in the most picturesque and popular country (I’m going to tell about it to each of you personally), fate made me a gift – an apportunity to become a scout of the most in demand, highly experienced and years-proved agency. Yes Yes, that’s all about Prestige Model Agency!

I  have got the  most desired position and became a manager In March 2017 !

Why do I love my job? For that every next day is not like the previous one. And all thanks to my girl. We share all experiences, victories, difficulties and successes in half!

You will never be left alone, even if there are thousands of kilometers between us.


And now the heading “in all modesty” or why should I be your manager.


This is my real name, surname and my picture! I do not hide my face, my personality and my phone number. Our communication will always be as honest and open as possible from the first day of our acquaintance!


I’m ready to meet  everyone in real life  as well , contact via video link in Skype, WhatsApp or Viber!


24/7 in touch with! You will  get the answer to any question as soon as possible – from a few minutes to 1 hour maximum.


What a work abroad is I know for a fact. П And I’m ready to share with you my successful experience and tell you about the failures, so that each of you can avoid them!


Always ready to become your manager, adviser, support and just a friend!


Thank you, Prestige Model Agency, that once opened a world of travel for me!

And now I’m happy to do it for others!

Katerina 5

My name is Katerina.

I retrained from scout into manager of Prestige Model Agency recently. I have been working at Prestige Model Agency more than 2 years. I wrote this fact in list of my achievements, because I think that working at one of the biggest Model Agency of CIS is a great victory.

I adore travelling. I have visited more than 10 countries. It’s not the limit. Perhaps we’ll do it together.

One day I decided to leave grey life. I packed up, quited my boring work and left St. Peterborough for Tunisia to work at the sun and the sea. There I lived 4 years. Now I’m ready to share this experience with you.

I think, that the main things in any work are desire and responsibility. If I begin working with you, you should know that I never forget you! I know that the pledge of successful cooperation is confidence.  You can trust me. I will always listen you and give you advice. Sometimes I can scold or criticise, but believe that it’s always objective. You can always tell me the great secrets, cry or smile with me. I have  good sense of humour.

I hate cheating, betrayal and freeloaders. To succeed it’s necessary to delete these 3 points from life. It these points are not yours, we’ll find a common language and become friends.