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Our managers

Darya Foxy 1

I became the manager of  “Prestige Model Agency” just recently, but I helped  for many girls to find  the contract for work already 🙂
And I can say  – work in this agency is very cool. My job is not only to solve the  problems and  advise – I live with them planty of pleasant moments, travel with them without leaving my home, rejoice at their successes.  Any new location is so interesting!  And keeping in touch with those who travel with my help, I learn many new things! Anyway, select the contracts to cool clubs in dozens of countries is a real pleasure. After all, when the girl is grateful as a result you have only benefits. And picking up good contracts is my job. Perhaps to be a manager is my mission  and I am very grateful to Prestige for helping me to find myself.

I looking forward for new girls who  interested of our proposals and my candidacy as a manager.

We will open the whole World together!

Olga Buryka 2

My name is Olga and I’m manager of Prestige Model Agency. I had been working as a strip dancer for 6 years when I turn to manager of PMA. I have been working with Prestige since 2013, and I wish to know about this agency before.
I will tell you about our introduction,making it brief. I was working in horrible night club where the managament was diminishing girls and let them stay without any payment .The manager from Prestige Agency helps me and I changed the club quickly and continued to work. Since that time I had been working only with this manager. And there was no doubt about her honesty,support and responsibility. Between 2013 and 2017 I visited about 20 countries, built a house , bought a car , obtained a higher education in Germany and everything I did in cooperation with Prestige Model Agency. This is because our friendly team offered to me great contracts and well-tried clubs, and the most important thing that the agency provide me warm relationships like in real big family. I became a mother but I don’t want to stop travel around the World. That’s why I became a manager of Prestige Model Agency.When I help you to travel ,earn money and follow your dreams I travel with you also.I’m in touch 24/7. You will feel comfortable and safe with me because I saw whole working process from inside and i passed all steps that you are going to pass.

Yours Olga.

Anna Minnikhanova 3

I wrote this post on the shores of the Mediterranean. Only we define ourselves where we will be at a certain moment of time, what we will do and who will be near us …
My name is Ann. When it all started, my travelling experience was limited by trips to Russia and Ukraine. When I was offered to become a scout, I was in the twelfth country in a row. When there were 28 of them, I became the manager of the Prestige Model Agency. The agency has been successfully operating for more than ten years, three of them I am part of a team that is so reliable like a Swiss watch. It’s impossible to describe in words how much my life has changed with the advent of these crazy trips. Now I can not imagine how my life would have been if I had stayed in a stuffy office.
Now I help girls successfully to combine travel with work: we choose countries and vacancies together, most of which (currently sixteen) I have experienced by my own.
If you want to add brightness to your life – contact me! If you don’t want – watch my photos and be happy for me 😌

Ornella Karhu 4

My name is Ornella and it’s been three years already when I’ve managed to fulfill the dream of many people – to combine work and travel✈🌍 This opportunity was presented to me by the Prestige Model Agency! Of course, we all dream of a beautiful life, to be independent and live at a high rate . So during this time I flew around more than 20 countries, found new friends, rested at the coolest resorts in the world, and most importantly, I acquired property in my native St. Petersburg !! Now I can say with confidence that this is a truly unique opportunity for girls to realize themselves. I am ready to share with you my experience and support in all endeavors, because I know firsthand how difficult it is to decide to change your life. Believe me, you will like it!!
Write to me and run to pack your bags!

Anna Sheyfer 5

My name is Anna. I’m manager of international agency “Prestige Model Agency”.
My first acquaintance with the agency was in 2016.
It’s happened when I decided that I want to expand the boundaries of possible, that I want to see the World and learn foreign languages.
I am always interested about life of people from different parts of the World, their customs, traditional cuisine and sightseeing attractions.
Thanks to this agency I’ve got my first contract in Turkey, Istanbul city. It’s oriental flavour is fussy and fleeting but in the same time you feel no discomfort in this city.
My story started right there. There are nine countries in my piggy-box already. And I say with confidence that it’s just the beginning. We have so many opportunities in our time. Let’s not loose any minute. We need to see many different places.
I will always prompt and support you. You can ask any questions. I am available for you 24/7. By working with me you will go beyond your usual life. We will become friends and find the way to solve any difficulties. Your life will sparkle with new and bright colors.

Sincerely yours, Anna Sheyfer.

Ksenia Nikolaeva 6

My name is Ksenya Nikolaeva. I’m a manager of “Prestige Model Agency”. I’ve got university economic degree and 8 years of success education have led me to work in the office which I left in one month! For many years I have been working as a fitness instructor, and I’ve found  dance school and it was my best job, because I’m pleased watching my student’s results, making them happier and helping them in achieving goals. But i am not a persone who standing still and don’t make  progress. I went abroad for first time when I was 25 years old to Egypt. I fell in love with the sky and wanted to see all the World. This desire led me to “Prestige Model Agency”, desire for travelling, enjoying the life and opening new fields of the earth! Because of high price for travelling, I was thinking how to do it without spending  a lot money. Cuochsurfing and auto stop travelling I have dismissed imediately, I like comfort and also it must to be safe. The idea of working abroad arrived obviously! And I regretted about I haven’t done it before. After few contracts I wanted to be a part of Prestige Models Agency team. And now I help for adventurers like me to leave  their comfort zone! In my experience that’s the best opportunity to earn money for appartment, car, education, studying languages, meeting interesting people, without spending money! Right now I’m halfway to buying my own appartment. I’ve got new points in my checklist, such as Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Georgia, France , Malta, Turkey (all parts), Macau,  Malaysia, Italy.

Certainly that I’m not going to have a stop! I advise you not to be afraid, having risk onсe you can remain happy for ever!

Ksenia Vladimirova 7

My name is Ksenia, I am a manager of the international agency “Prestige Model Agency”.


I started my career in the agency with working on contracts, then combined my trips with working as a scout and eventually I achieved my goal, I became a manager.


My acquaintance and further cooperation with the agency began in 2015. Initially I chose a contract in Cyprus, but did not dare to fly right away as it was very scary and no one supported my idea. I did not leave this idea behind and asked a million more questions to my manager before making a final decision. In the end, I am thankful to the fate that after all I decided to make this step, which radically changed my life for the better.


I will say one thing, today there are 10 countries in my trip list , and this is only the beginning. I discovered the opportunity to travel and make good money at the same time, see the World, meet interesting people, culture and traditions of other countries. My horizons expanded, the level of my English reached perfection and believe me, this is not the limit. My friends, who once dissuaded me from my crazy ideas, now make me company and are very happy with the received opportunities!


So, my dear  fiends, let’s go ahead!!!! Who is eager to see the World, spend the winter season  in warm countries, meet new people and still earn money, please contact us! I will do my best to change your life drastically, and our cooperation with you will bring only positive emotions. After all, emotions are Life!


Inna Kirillova 8

My name is Inna Kirillova and I’m a manager of Prestige Model Agency. I  have got acquanted with agency more than 3 years ago. I was studying all information, details, was reading the comments and finally I decided to fly on my first contract to Italy. I was afraid so much, but I took a chance, and it was all a blur.

I quit high-paid job at St Petersburg to see the world and  absorb all the best qualities of different peoples of the world. Airports, bagagge, new countries, hobbies, bright and colourful life – everything this would have expected me after quitting.

Contract job presented me huge life experience,  I am not more afraid of losing comfort zone and I’m not afraid of suspense more. I became confident, independent, communicative. I’ve  acquired new friends, learned a lot of interesting things, I began studying second foreign language, I have seen such beautiful places of our planet, have learnt much about new cultures. I continue opening for myself new countries and cities. I want you to understand that it’s more easier and available, than seems at first sight.

The idea of being manager was stalking me from the start of my working on contract. And now I have experience and opportunity to help you to open the door into your new life. Please, whrite me and we will find an ideal contract, based on our proposals and your wishes.

The work  with Prestige Model Agency is the best opportunity to change your life, see the World and earn money for your dream. Let’s fly with us!!!

Dasha Karo 9

My name is Dasha, I am a manager of Prestige Model Agency!!! I’m looking for positive, beautiful, optimistic and life-loving girls who would like to change their lives, see the World, expand their horizons, get acquainted with different cultures, make new acquaintances and just enjoy life.


With Prestige MA you will travel and earn at the same time!!!


A few words about me and why you should choose me as your manager.


I traveled around the World, I have been  in the East,Asia and Europe, and I saw life from different sides, so I can always advise and suggest something. I am positive and friendly and I will always help you with the solution of any issue. Working with me you will get reliance and support at any time of the day. I am ready to be friends and communicate with you not only within work but also in real life.


I will consider all your wishes and find you dream job !!!




Katrin Solnechnaya 10

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency since 2015, always online, almost 24 hours a day. In the past I worked as a tourist manager, dancer, animator, hostess, editor of online magazine, photographer, and other 100500 proffessions-hobbies. Long time I lived in Turkey and Tunisia and now i’m temporarily in Russia in cases of particular importance.


If you are interesting on positive communication and productive dialogues, you’re welcome, without doubts.

By the way a lot of posts you can always find on Instagram, please, subscribe and keep in touch.

Nastya Vagapova 11

My name is Nastya, at the moment I represent the interests of Prestige Model Agency as a manager.

I learned about the agency a very long time ago, but I could not even imagine that it would become a bright part of my life.

A friend introduced me to the agency, who was already its manager at that time. To be frank, I had plenty of questions like all of you, and it is unlikely that I would have decided to try myself in this field so quickly if I had not listened to new stories every day. She talked endlessly about how cool with the girls they spend time on contracts, sent pictures, videos. And in the end, what is expected, I could not resist! I plunged into a completely new world, which I could not even dream about! I traveled with Prestige not to one country, but when I returned home, everything that was with me there seemed to me a dream, but I again and again plunged into my colorful world!

Now I have already become a manager of Prestige Model Agency and I will be happy to help you decide to change your life for the better! I can tell about many countries by experience, as well as give advice on where and how to work better! I will be happy to see how your lives are changing for the better together with us!

Zhenya Komissarova 12

Mi name is Zhenya.

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency more than 3 years. My morning starts with  messages from my girls, I go asleep also with my phone, texting, I can’t see my life without this  job! Before I became manager, I had an experience on the contracts at different countries! That’s why I always share my experience with my girls, try to give good adveces for the beginners.

I try to keep in contact with the girls to the maximum, because from my own experience I know that this support is very important!

I look for individual approach to each girl, considering all of her wishes. If the girl is a beginner and can’t figure out, i can easily help! I’m always turned to open and positive talking. I’m always fascinated when the girls-contractors share their acheiving, express thai personal views about the club, the country. Because different and new views are always the way to improve.

Olga Akasheva 13

I’m Olga and I have been working in Prestige Model Agency since 2017.

After  next contract in the most picturesque and popular country (I’m going to tell about it to each of you personally), fate made me a gift – an apportunity to become a scout of the most in demand, highly experienced and years-proved agency. Yes Yes, that’s all about Prestige Model Agency!

I  have got the  most desired position and became a manager In March 2017 !

Why do I love my job? For that every next day is not like the previous one. And all thanks to my girl. We share all experiences, victories, difficulties and successes in half!

You will never be left alone, even if there are thousands of kilometers between us.


And now the heading “in all modesty” or why should I be your manager.


This is my real name, surname and my picture! I do not hide my face, my personality and my phone number. Our communication will always be as honest and open as possible from the first day of our acquaintance!


I’m ready to meet  everyone in real life  as well , contact via video link in Skype, WhatsApp or Viber!


24/7 in touch with! You will  get the answer to any question as soon as possible – from a few minutes to 1 hour maximum.


What a work abroad is I know for a fact. П And I’m ready to share with you my successful experience and tell you about the failures, so that each of you can avoid them!


Always ready to become your manager, adviser, support and just a friend!


Thank you, Prestige Model Agency, that once opened a world of travel for me!

And now I’m happy to do it for others!

Dasha Akhmetova 14

Hello everyone,

I am Dasha Akhmetova.


I’ve been working in PrestigeModelAgency since 2015.

Before that  I worked abroud  with Agency for 3 years. All the background of our contracts I experienced  on myself and I know what to offer you so that you were happy.what a pity that I got to know so late about such an opportunity — to travel and earn money. There would be at times more countries and money then.


What the Agency gave to me? I won’t write about all the countries I’ve seen, earnings, emotions, impressions — this is an obligatory program on our contracts.

Now I have made my dreams come true — I  have moved to the country where I always dreamed to live in.

You can keep on searchingat  the Internet for months, read online forums, look for pitfalls in one or another direction, but your life will never change if you will  not leave your comfort zone and do not buy a ticket.


Our contracts do not bind you for a long time to something one. You can always turn around and fly back or to go to another place at any time.

We have collected feedback on our work, photo reports of the girls flying from us to work, our advice and help is all for you.


In case if youinteresting in  productive dialogue and you know your goals — ask me, I will help you to realize them. Only a desire for changes and being open for something new in your life is needed from you!


Yours Dasha

Violetta Batyrova 15

My name is Violetta,

I’m 27 years old. I’m from Ukraine, but I hardly ever go there because I love traveling, and I’ve always dreamed of working and living in another country. Most recently I’ve become a manager of Prestige Model Agency, before that I worked on several contracts. It is a pity  that I met with the Agency so late, otherwise I would have much more in my country-list. I am very grateful to the girl who I worked with in China on the contract, she also shared with me the manager’s contact PrestigeMA and a positive opinion about the club. There are many countries in my travel list — Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Laos, UAE, Italy, Malaysia.  I’m sure this is just the beginning. Probably I decided to become a manager and help to girls to fulfill their dreams. I had one strange dream at school – I wanted to fill in my passport with visas. Now I have the third passport.

I have a lot of friends from all over the World, and it’s very cool!

If your dreams are connected with travel, then turn to us to Prestige Model Agency!!!

Lesya Alekhina 16

The former go-go dancer and a model, and now I am the manager of the Prestige Model Agency.
My name is Lesya Alekhina.
Since 2012 I worked in China, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, and in the last few years I have been engaged in the selection of contracts for hostesses, models, strip-dancers, go-go, pole-dancers in different countries.

During almost 4 years my work in the agency I know many information about tickets, visas and countries etc.

I have a master’s degree on tourism after more than 5 years study at the university.

I can talk endlessly about the work in clubs.

I am a perfectionist and I want that ALL the girls like our contracts, so I choose the right option for each individual person.

And I say that the most stupid question is the one which was not asked. Better ask what you do not understand, and I’ll explain you.

I remember all the girls we worked with. I admire their colorful instagram and vk accounts in Istanbul / Larnaca / Turin, there are many more photographic places than in Chelyabinsk or Kharkov. I can say for sure.

And how many events are happening to my beauties! Delight!

There are motivating stories. For exmple, Nastia save up the money to buy a car on the contract in Turkey, Julia who cooperated with us several times, put aside for studying in the USA and moved there to live. Now she has a house with a white fence and a labrador dog as in the movie.

Some girls meet their love during the contracts and get married. We are rejoice in their happiness.

I do not presume to count the number of iPhones which were given to girls.

I am proud that girls work with me not one contract, but 2-3 or more. There are girls who work with us 7th, 8th contract, they visited a lot of countries! For example, Anna has own blog, she became our scout and continues to travel under contracts.

Girls will not come back to a bad manager even for second contract, I know it for sure.

I have got an experience to work with the incompetent managers at the time and my impressions was creepy. When I get nicely left for a month’s salary in China I decided to become a good manager, a professional in my business and contacted the Prestige Model Agency. And I never regretted my decision.

It is necessary to learn from mistakes, better not yours. Do not repeat my mistakes and work only with trusted agencies!!! Let’s work with us 🙂

Catherina Varnyak 17

My name is Catherina.

I retrained from scout into manager of Prestige Model Agency recently. I have been working at Prestige Model Agency more than 2 years. I wrote this fact in list of my achievements, because I think that working at one of the biggest Model Agency of CIS is a great victory.

I adore travelling. I have visited more than 10 countries. It’s not the limit. Perhaps we’ll do it together.

One day I decided to leave grey life. I packed up, quited my boring work and left St. Peterborough for Tunisia to work at the sun and the sea. There I lived 4 years. Now I’m ready to share this experience with you.

I think, that the main things in any work are desire and responsibility. If I begin working with you, you should know that I never forget you! I know that the pledge of successful cooperation is confidence.  You can trust me. I will always listen you and give you advice. Sometimes I can scold or criticise, but believe that it’s always objective. You can always tell me the great secrets, cry or smile with me. I have  good sense of humour.

I hate cheating, betrayal and freeloaders. To succeed it’s necessary to delete these 3 points from life. It these points are not yours, we’ll find a common language and become friends.

Ilona Velychko 18

Let’s get acquainted!


My name is Ilona I’m a manager of Prestige Model Agency. I like to travel, discover the wonderful places, enrich myself new lively impressions and get with interesting people. And also I like my work very much and I want you to travel like me,earn money and achieve your dreams. I guarantee to each girl, who contacted with me individual attention in choosing a contract. I will support each girl during whole the term abroad. I will explain all the details, listen all your proposals, give an advice and we will choose a contract for you together. So let’s move let’s travel! And if you don’t try croissants under the Eiffel Tower, and don’t have a roll on the grass in New York or don’t drink wine oceanfront, let’s get it right now, without delay!

Annette Volkonskaya 19

My name is Annette Volkonskaya and I have been working as a manager of Prestige Model Agency for 3 years. I love Italy so much and I visited almost all Italian regions. In my opinion, Italy is one of the best countries for consumation work. I have been living between Rome and Moscow last two years. Sometimes I hold meetings in these two cities. I travel a lot, and I worked in travel industry before. I have a blog about Italy( I keep a blog about Italy). You can find me in Instagram, Facebook, Periscope. I’m always ready to answer to whole your questions about work and choose optimized and suitable contract for you. I’m always ready to help with arrangement of trip and preparing required documents; and of course I’m always ready to explain all the particular qualities of different countries and special aspects in visa processing.

Masha Vysotskaya 20

I learned about the possibility of work with the Prestige  about four years ago. I am so grateful to my friend that she sent me a link to Olga Lanskaya.


I was preparing for my   first trip durind fifth  year of study at the University. Oh, how wonderful it was! I ventured on my contract in Istanbul and since then the only thing I regretted, is just that I did not go earlier. I plunged completely into a new world and began to live precisely the life that I dreamed about. I was so happy  when I asked the agency for the position of the scout. And after a year of good work, I was promoted to a Manager. Now Prestige Agency is my family and part of my life. I am happy every day when I see that your life and you personally are changing, developing, becoming bolder, brighter, more self-confident and  richer.


You will always feel safe and never alone with my support! I understand very well all your worries and joys that are happening to you on contracts.


I’m  kind and sympathetic person, I have a psychologist education. I have been working abroad   many our contracts and still work till now. I will always prompt and support you on any issue. I will be glad to meet  you personally on our contracts and make friends in real life.

You will  have your faithful companion and support if you will choose me .

Your life will play with new colors and becomes exactly the way you are dreaming about! I’m a person who will help you to go beyond the usual life. With me you will become a truly happy person. We will  give you all the possibiliti for it.

I love you!

Yours Masha Vysotskaya!

Iryna Goncharenko 21

My name is Iryna.

I’m a manager of “Prestige Model Agency”. I have been working in the Agency for a long time. Also I worked abroad and all my contacts were provided only by Prestige Agency. A long time ago I  took a decision to go to my first trip abroad, I questioned all my friends,read all the comments,and finally I choosed the best agency. Now, years later the Prestige Agency is still the best and I continue to share experience from the contracts with you!

I invite girls to collaborate with me, discover new places, earn money and meet with interesting and open-faced people. I have a lot of examples when the girls found their future husbands working abroad ,or bought apartment and car,or opened some business ,moved to Europe and got a permanent residency. My girls subdue of the World!

The comments of my girls from different countries and different places of our planet not only get inspired, push to pack a baggage directly and go out toward the life, but show you,my dear that all the contracts are real!

You hold the keys to the kingdom!

And I will help you to achieve your targets! I’m the example that all dreams can come true! The person could make happy 3 things: love, interesting work and opportunity to travel.

Inna Davidova 22

My name is Inna Davidova. I’m representative of  “Prestige Model Agency”.

I recruit attractive,talented and handsome girls on following positions: Model/Dancer/Singer/Hostess. You will get detailed consultation and individual selection of optimized contract , working with me. You will be under my protection during the whole period abroad,and any questions and problems will be solved as soon as possible.

So,if you decided to change your life absolutely and forever, join me! I’m always very glad to meet you !

Ksenia Derzhavina 23

Hello! I’m Ksenia Derzhavina. I’m 28 years old.

3 years ago I risponded to the vacancy of manager at “Prestige model agency”.

I’ve found my outlet at this work. Communicating with beautiful girls, travelling, getting acquainted with interesting people is my job and my lifestyle!

I’m lucky!

I’m looking for the contracts for models, hostesses and dancers.

I also work on our contracts, thats why I know the work “insight”.

Italy is a special country for me and I can share my experience of work, give good advices, including how to study language quickly.

For newcommers I can tell the best variants for the first contract, where to start with.

For old hands I can explain how to prepare the route of trip, if your plan is world travel.

I will be happy to help each of you to explore our amazing world and with the help of our contracts to undertake or get closer to fulfilling your purpose.

Nastia Dolmatova 24

Hello! My name is Nastia Dolmatova.

My first meeting with  Prestige team was in 2015.

I have been  work out many contracts, for most part in European countries, meet interesting people and learn 2 foreign languages.

As a manager, I’m always open, online 24/7, I conduct personal meetings in the South of Russia, consultations in Skype and online broadcasting in my insta-account.

I will help you to choose the best contract, I’ll tell you about all the disadvantages,advantages  and work in details , I will advise how it is easier to learn the language, and I will also be a personal psychologist when you are sad (yes, and it happens!).

Hurry up to write me to private messages and change your life for the better together with me and the coolest team “Prestige Model Agency”!

Darina Kravchenko 25

My name is Darina

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency since 2016. But the cooperation with Prestige Agency began in 2015, when I flew for the first time on a contract to the beloved Turkey. The color of the East didn’t only give me strength and self-confidence , but also impressed me for the new countries. And very soon after returning from Istanbul I flew to the refined Italy, and then — to Cyprus).

Because I am aware of the nature of the work from inside, I can help in any kind of situation


The girls who worked or still work with me have already discovered Europe, Asia and America, and besides  they have learned foreign languages, met dozens of amazing people and earned for their “women’s dreams” .


I will consult you in any language convenient for you – Russian, Ukrainian  or English.

I am online 24/7 by VK, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, phone.


It’s high time to open the new horizons, because there are so many amazing things in the World, and youth is so fleeting !


Svetlana Lysitsina 26

My name is Svetlana.

I have been working in Prestige Model Agency more than 2 years. I started to work with Prestige because I went to our contracts myself and I liked to combine traveling and work. I managed to visit more than 30 countries. And I’m going to see the whole world. My career at Prestige Agency began with a scout. And now I’m a manager. Since then my life has changed, something that I once dreamed of has become a reality. I have learned foreign languages thanks to contracts. I speak English, Italian and German, and I’m going to learn and improve further. I’m a fan of Europe. I dreamed of leaving Russia and living in Europe, now Austria is my new home. I still continue to travel. I like to communicate with new people, meet girls personally, help to find suitable contracts for them, rejoice and worry with them. My beauties always write to me, tell me news, share with photos of gifts, ask for advice, learn and grow for something new. Some of my girls have changed their lives, and have also changed their country of residence. I guess while you are young, beautiful and full of energy, you can conquer the world, realize your dreams and become financially independent. You can buy not only the best clothes and the latest models of phones, but also save money for car or apartment in your city. You can also help your family or invest in your education or business, grow and develop every day. That’s why I like Prestige Model Agency and I’m very thankful for all the opportunities that this agency gave me.

If you want to but don’t know how to start, then write to me, please. I will tell you about actual contracts based on your desires and preferences. As I walked all the way from the desire to go to the first contract before a full trip, I can give advice like no one else that really works and I promise that you will like working and traveling with our agency from that moment !

Yana Liubimova 27

My name is Yana and I am a scout of the most reliable international recruiting agency #PrestigeModelAgency.

Its reliability has been tested by more than a thousand girls working with us.

Every day during 3 years I select the most beneficial contracts for models, hosteses, party-girls and dancers of any styles, singers and animators! And all these is practically all over the world! Join our team!

My girls travel and earn very well. And some of them even find their soul mates (like me in due time!).

So if you want to change your life for the better, you are 100% to ask me!

Earn while traveling and be happy.


All contracts are strictly without intimacy and all sorts of nastiness. We have been working since 2009 and take care of our girls, and our reputation, that’s why we check the contracts personally.

All the interesting information you  can find in my video blog.

Please, don’t hesitate to write me the message.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Anastasiya Mayakovskaya 28

My name is Anastasiya Mayakovskaya and I’m a manager of Prestige Model Agency

Few words about myself.

5 years ago I’ve opened the opportunity to travel all over the World and earn  enough. This opportunity I was presented by Prestige Model Agency. I have visited more than 20 countries. I won’t count everything, but I can say   that my life has changed completely. Now I am open, more communicative person, I’ve studied a new foreign language. I don’t recognise the concept “no win situation”,  I always creatively face different challenges. At this stage of my life I don’t only travel and earn money, but also change experiences and my knowledge with girls, which annoy these grey days of their cities and want great changes in thier lives!


If you are the girl  with model appearance,  beautiful, slim, may be you are  proffessional dancer or singer and you want to travel, getting meet with new countries, studying languages with native speakers, discover  something new and interesting without not spending money but earning. You should write me and I will help you ! I can guarantee you an individual approach for the best possible options  for work, good contract, permanent support of manager, timely salary and a lot of bright impressions.

Natalia Orlenko 29

My name is Natalia, I’m 31 years old. I have 2 specialties: an economist and an engineer.

But I’m really interested in traveling and meeting new people. Therefore, I decided to open my potential in the Prestige Agency Team. More than 3 years I have been selecting contracts 24/7, which is very gratifying. I visited more than 30 countries in some I was for 5 times. I hold personal meetings in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Cheboksary, Vladimir, Kiev, Milan. The nearest meetings will be held in Sochi, St. Petersburg. The meetings in Moscow are relevant all the year round.I take girls with me to clubs, theaters, exhibitions and concerts. I have friendly relations with many girls who worked with me.

I also help with the opening of Schengen visas. Even if there have already been failures.

If you want to start, but you do not know which first step to make,  you should write to me, please.

Anna Sergeeva 30

My name is Anna, I’m 24 years old. I have been working as a manager in Prestige Model Agency’s team for 2,5 years. I think these are the best years of my life.At the moment I work in the contracts that are provided by our Agency. In a short time I visited 8 countries, in 4 countries I had been working and living for a  long term. Work abroad and travel around the world it’s a great opportunity to discover the world and to earn money in the same time. New contracts, the seaside, metropolitan cities, self development, new languages and chance to meet real love at the other end of the world! As a result of our contracts my dream came true- I bought my own apartment! I’m sure that everyone had special target in the life,and I will help to achieve one’s target with pleasure!

I’m always ready to call the phone, to connect by Skype,to hold individual meetings,to consult and share my own experience with everyone!

Milana Temnikova 31

Hello everyone, My name is Milana Temnikova.

I’ve got the work experience at the Agency since 2015. My first contract  was in the Italy

My main advantage  is that I know any small detail  in this kind of job, believe me! Now I know what to advise you, and what kind of tricks are on each contract with customers and bosses!


How it was? Do you think that it’s different from yours? — I do not agree! It was scary … because I also got a message in the social networks from the “Prestige Model Agency” agent. Then I did not know anything about the Аgency and this work.

But I wanted to have a beautiful life more than just stay at home and not leave anything behind!

If you can not help for  yourself, no one will help you … I wanted to escape from the usual life stereotypes. And now I’m part of the Prestige Mode Agency  team, the best agency in the World, with the widest geography that gave me several unforgettable travels. Your fate is in your hands, and a little bit in mine)

Lets travel and earn with us!

Tina Shaikina 32

My name is Tina Shaikina. I am one of the first managers who has been with the Prestige Model Agency since its inception! My reputation as a manager speaks for itself: I am an experienced and responsible person with an individual approach to every girl, very sociable and always work for results! Before I became a manager, I worked on contracts in more than 10 countries of the World and in many cases several times

I have experience as a model, hostess, party girl & image model, a member of the show ballet,  including Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, UAE, Cyprus, the USA and many other, I have been work in  many countries for 2-3 times, so like no one else I know all details of each contract f and I will gladly share with you my knowledge.

I also hold personal meetings with my girls, I gladly share the secrets of work on contracts, I inspire, I help to choose the most suitable contract for you taking into account your wishes and requests.

We also can make video call  through the Skype.

I assure you that if you choose me, you will not regret it even for a moment!