How to work with the agency

How to make effective the way to success? Where to begin?

For consideration your candidacy on chosen vacancy you should make several simple steps:

1. Choose the contract

In detail check out the actual vacancies and conditions of work, choose preferred country and contract.

2. Choose your manager.

3. Fill the application form on the website.

Attention! Filling the application form, you prove that you are 18 years old! Application form should contain reliable information about you: experience, contact details, appearance, parameters. The photos should coincide completely with your real appearance. Using of Photoshop and other Photo editors is prohibited.

Remember, that your photos and application form is the only source of information about you for the employer. Don’t send group photo, with dark glasses, hats etc.

4. Whom can you ask questions?

Concerning all conditions of the contract you will be consulted by your manager.

Do we take payments for our consulting services?

No, all consulting services are free!