What to do if communication with manager didn't go well?

According to corporate policy of our company each model has her own manager , who always communicate with her and receives requests over the period of all contracts. From top to bottom. The Agency’s database of vacancies and offers is singular ,and each manager has access to  information. It reduces search time of details and specialities of contracts notably. You need only to contact to manager with who you began to communicate first. But we are all humans…And there isn’t anyone who could cancel human factor. There are cases when manager did the job 100500% well ,but something gone wrong . Trust and communication are lost and all things are going wrong.

In this case option of changing manager is covered by administrative office and the issue is solved as promptly as possible. You need only contact to administrative office with request of changing manager. After that the office will provide you a new manager . Even more, you can choose the manager by yourself monitoring our VK group, Telegram channel and Instagram account.