One of the top questions of first-timer: “How to work if I don’t speak English (Turkish, Italian, Arabic ...)?”

n my own experience I’ll say that everything is real.

The fact is that visitors of these clubs go there for years and they are always interested in new girls. Often the same girls come back, they  know already  how to work, and know  the psychology of these guests. Nobody can talk their ear off now. But the new girl is always good.

Well, the customers  are always attracted by new girls, what can you do. If you do not know the language, this is the best proof that you have not yet worked in the system of consumption. Therefore, the popularity at first time  for girls especially attractive just guaranteed. Even if you just sit by your side flattering your eyelashes cutely. That’s the first.

Secondly, it is still necessary to learn the language, although ignorance at first is not critical. In that environment, language skill are formed very quickly and to develop it is your task.

For example, I started talking in Italy for 2 weeks, it’s crooked it’s aside anyway, but I started talking and nobody would punish me for the wrongness and wouldn’t give me a bad mark, they wouldn’t even laugh at me. On the contrary, enthusiastic  customers will teach  you the language themselves.

And thirdly, some of the customers  speak Russian , because they have been hanging out in the clubs for years and have learned the language to communicate with girls, or some actually run their own business in Russia.

I can also add that you are not at a political summit, it’s not necessary to say something clever, it’s more important that you are interested in watching. Include personal charisma, this is the thing that does not require words, but is felt by all the senses. How do you smile and wave your hands in a pantomime, trying to convey your thoughts.

Try to keep the attention of the guest, so that he would pay for the time that he is sitting with you. Often at the table with a visitor there is not one girl, but also those who know the language – they help to translate.

They are usually kept just as translators to talk with the new girl.

I assure you that language is not a problem if you are charming and intelligent and charismatic!