One of the most frequently asked questions of beginners is: "in which country should I go for the first contact?"

I propose two options – Turkey and Italy…but how to make a choice between these quite different countries?

To don’t keep things secret in direct I will enumerate of few similar and distinct features of these countries. Think what exactly suitable and beneficial for you.

The prices of tickets from Kiev and Moscow roughly the same:

Flight to Turkey costs 100-150$.

Flight to Italy costs 120-150$ , and you can find even cheaper.

There’s a passive consumation in Turkey and in Italy -Garson invites the girls to the guest’s table. There are some clubs in Italy with active and mixed consumation.

Accomodation for free.

Work hours roughly the same :

In Turkey – 21:30-05:00

In Italy – 22:00-04:00.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.


Here are distinctive features of Italy.

Schengen visa and Urkainian biometric passport is required.

Food is not provided.

The salary is paid every two weeks (only in few clubs salary is paid daily).

Italian men are self- centered they like to get a complements so much.

Italian is not so difficult language and it is learned more easily than Turkish.


Here are the distinctive features of Turkey.

There is a non-visa regime for most of the countries. Also you can choose work visa contract.

The clubs provide food.

The salary is paid weekly or daily ( % from beverages are paid daily).

” Sigorta” – one day per week ,when the girl doesn’t get her salary,only % from beverages.

The girls can go out from the hotel only from 01:00 pm.

Turkish men like to take care of girl ,to make presents and pay complements. It is in the genes!

In Istanbul most people speak English and in suburbs of Istanbul some people know Russian.

By the way,both of the countries are worth a visit,and not only Turkey and Italy ,the list is wide!

The important thing is to begin a trip,after 100% you will not stop . You can travel non-stop , comparing and choosing new contracts,like most of our girls do . And after you can come back to the country,which you fell in love with. It’s really great when you understand that you feel happy not only in your motherland,but on the other side of the world.