Where can I make much money?

1) Let’s say that much if not everything depends on you,  first of all!

It happens that a girl looks like a model of Victoria Secret, but it doesn’t  work because she is not interested and believes that everyone owes  something to her.

Otherwise – another deal. A girl has not a model hight and shape, but all the guests at the club are hers! That’s all in charm, manners and smile. This is a positive attitude, the ability to listen and hear what you say. Everything in the complex produces a bomb!

2) Vacancy.

The beginning professional model  can earns not so much. At first just enough for food to put it simply. But if the girl has perseverance and a desire to develope only in this direction (if there is a model appearance, of course), then the demand will appear over time.

Hostesses in clubs easily get from 1500-2000-3000 USD  per month or more (depending on how active they are, see paragraph 1).

Well, the most profitable job is strip dancer performing topless. Starting from   1000-2000 USD  per month  and to infinity. For example, the latest  report from South Africa (Cape Town): net salary for 46 days = 10000  USD (minus tickets and all expenses).

3) Countries.

Top earnings list:

South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Germany, Portugal.

Each contract has its own requirements for girls, and you have your own preferences.Therefore, initially we fill in a questionnaire, attach photos and choose a contract!

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