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According to corporate policy of our company each model has her own manager , who always communicate with her and receives requests over the period of all contracts. From top to bottom. The Agency’s database of vacancies and offers is singular ,and each manager has access to  information. It reduces search time of details and specialities of contracts notably. You need only to contact to manager with who you began to communicate first. But we are all humans…And there isn’t anyone who could cancel human factor. There are cases when manager did the job 100500% well ,but something gone wrong . Trust and communication are lost and all things are going wrong.

In this case option of changing manager is covered by administrative office and the issue is solved as promptly as possible. You need only contact to administrative office with request of changing manager. After that the office will provide you a new manager . Even more, you can choose the manager by yourself monitoring our VK group, Telegram channel and Instagram account.

Сhoice of country depends on many factors :

1. Visa is required ( or it should be possibility to open visa rapidly)

There are countries with visa-free entry for Russian citizens,such as Turkey , Armenia and South Korea. In these countries there is possibility to remain up to 60 days. There are some countries where you can get visa after arriving to country,for example Jordan. Opening visa for entry to the Republic of Cyprus is quiet easy. We open Pro-Visa for the entry to Cyprus for Russian and Ukrainian for free and  in 24 hours. For Ukrainians with  biometric passport  the Shcengen Area is open now . ( It means that person with biometric passport can stay in Schengen area up to 90 days during half a year) Also we have contracts in Italy , Spain, Luxembourg , Germany,Poland ,Malta etc.

2.  Ticket’s price

The prices of tickets vary from 50 to 500 USD . For example, Moscow- Istanbul flight or Moscow – Milano flight frequently you can find with price starting from 50 USD. But ticket to Singapore or to the USA costs about 400-500 USD. The  ticket’s price  you can find here


3. Personal proclivities of mentality and culture of another countries

4. Knowledge of languages.

For example, in Cyprus or in Singapore upper intermediate level of English is required , because basic or elementary levels of English are unsuitable in these countries. But if you have basic level of English you can consider for the contract Turkey or Jordan . Or may be do you know Spanish and Italian ? Choice is clear .

5. Personal sociability

In case your first contact and if you are not so communicable person,you should choose contract with passive consummation. If you are active and conversable person without language barrier ,we will recommend you to choose contract with active consummation.

6. Acceptance of alcohol

If you don’t drink alcohol at all ,you can choose Italy, Turkey and South Korea.

7. Living conditions

The most comfortable living conditions in Istanbul ( 4* hotel). In Singapore there are low living conditions in a hostel format , usually 2-4 persons live in one room.

8. Option of compensation for  return ticket

Singapore and South Korea offer these conditions.

9. Food.

It is very uncommon thing when food for free. But it can be possible ,if you choose Turkey.

10. And of course the seaside!

Many of candidates with their first message inform their managers about high importance of the Seaside. In this case you can select Singapore or Spain ,where you can enjoy the sea all the year round,and some clubs in Italy and Turkey in addition. But in last two countries you can enjoy the sea only in a warm season – from May to October.

We wish you a good flight! And don’t forget please, even if work in the club turn out to be “not your option” ,  in all cases you will get invaluable experience of communication with different people! But if everything are  going well, next 2-3 years you can spend around the World.

n my own experience I’ll say that everything is real.

The fact is that visitors of these clubs go there for years and they are always interested in new girls. Often the same girls come back, they  know already  how to work, and know  the psychology of these guests. Nobody can talk their ear off now. But the new girl is always good.

Well, the customers  are always attracted by new girls, what can you do. If you do not know the language, this is the best proof that you have not yet worked in the system of consumption. Therefore, the popularity at first time  for girls especially attractive just guaranteed. Even if you just sit by your side flattering your eyelashes cutely. That’s the first.

Secondly, it is still necessary to learn the language, although ignorance at first is not critical. In that environment, language skill are formed very quickly and to develop it is your task.

For example, I started talking in Italy for 2 weeks, it’s crooked it’s aside anyway, but I started talking and nobody would punish me for the wrongness and wouldn’t give me a bad mark, they wouldn’t even laugh at me. On the contrary, enthusiastic  customers will teach  you the language themselves.

And thirdly, some of the customers  speak Russian , because they have been hanging out in the clubs for years and have learned the language to communicate with girls, or some actually run their own business in Russia.

I can also add that you are not at a political summit, it’s not necessary to say something clever, it’s more important that you are interested in watching. Include personal charisma, this is the thing that does not require words, but is felt by all the senses. How do you smile and wave your hands in a pantomime, trying to convey your thoughts.

Try to keep the attention of the guest, so that he would pay for the time that he is sitting with you. Often at the table with a visitor there is not one girl, but also those who know the language – they help to translate.

They are usually kept just as translators to talk with the new girl.

I assure you that language is not a problem if you are charming and intelligent and charismatic!

I propose two options – Turkey and Italy…but how to make a choice between these quite different countries?

To don’t keep things secret in direct I will enumerate of few similar and distinct features of these countries. Think what exactly suitable and beneficial for you.

The prices of tickets from Kiev and Moscow roughly the same:

Flight to Turkey costs 100-150$.

Flight to Italy costs 120-150$ , and you can find even cheaper.

There’s a passive consumation in Turkey and in Italy -Garson invites the girls to the guest’s table. There are some clubs in Italy with active and mixed consumation.

Accomodation for free.

Work hours roughly the same :

In Turkey – 21:30-05:00

In Italy – 22:00-04:00.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.


Here are distinctive features of Italy.

Schengen visa and Urkainian biometric passport is required.

Food is not provided.

The salary is paid every two weeks (only in few clubs salary is paid daily).

Italian men are self- centered they like to get a complements so much.

Italian is not so difficult language and it is learned more easily than Turkish.


Here are the distinctive features of Turkey.

There is a non-visa regime for most of the countries. Also you can choose work visa contract.

The clubs provide food.

The salary is paid weekly or daily ( % from beverages are paid daily).

” Sigorta” – one day per week ,when the girl doesn’t get her salary,only % from beverages.

The girls can go out from the hotel only from 01:00 pm.

Turkish men like to take care of girl ,to make presents and pay complements. It is in the genes!

In Istanbul most people speak English and in suburbs of Istanbul some people know Russian.

By the way,both of the countries are worth a visit,and not only Turkey and Italy ,the list is wide!

The important thing is to begin a trip,after 100% you will not stop . You can travel non-stop , comparing and choosing new contracts,like most of our girls do . And after you can come back to the country,which you fell in love with. It’s really great when you understand that you feel happy not only in your motherland,but on the other side of the world.


Often you can hear from newcomers the question: “What is the consumation ? Does it have something to do with intim?””There is no sign of prostitution in this process. From English consumation is translated as expenditure.

How does the consumption take place?

Remember yourself in the club as a guest. You – the beauty, gathered at the mirror for 3 hours – make-up, manicure, hairstyle and stunning dress. And now you come to the club, you dance, you behave yourself at ease, you smile. A guy approaches you and buys a cocktail. What do you do? You communicate with this man, drinking margarita or champagne. He likes to talk to you, and he orders again. So this is the real consummation. Only when this happens in ordinary life, the motives of this guy are unknown, and except for nightly adventures and a morning hangover you do not get anything.

When this work, then everything is very clear. The guest comes to the club to take a break from the workers and family routine. He knows where and why he goes and how much he wills to spend. From you he does not need an intimate for a couple of sparkling glasses, he just wants to chat with a nice interesting girl, forget about the problems, relax, treat her with drinks. And you get paid. And the more he likes you, the more the guest orders and the higher your percentage.

Salaries are quite high, especially for girls from CIS countries who have never seen such money in their homeland. On average, a girl receives $ 2000 a month, especially without straining herself. But nevertheless it is necessary to understand, that consumation is a work, instead of entertainment, and here there are nuances.

First, you need to be able to give yourself so that the guest does not have any doubts that you are decent and interesting. Uninteresting girls will not be invited, and accordingly, it will be unprofitable for the club to keep a girl who does not bring profit to the club. And the boss can cut the rate or even fire.

Secondly, you must be able to tie a conversation and listen carefully to the guest. At all thus it is necessary to understand, what for the visitor has come to club. Sometimes a man comes to pour out his soul. It happens. Someone to chat with a beautiful girl, someone to stare at the show. You just need to listen to some of them, or to cast them a smile and to watch videos on Youtube or dance. Therefore, each guest needs his own approach.

Thirdly, consummation is a story more about alcohol. Many guests do not like that the girl does not drink. Therefore, you must understand that sometimes you have to do it. But there are always some tricks. Somewhere you can decant, somewhere you can ask barman not to pour a lot of alcohol.

Fourth, some girls do not know how to take tips, gifts or take complement from men. They begin to blush and are embarrassed, others – behave like beggars. Everywhere you need a balance. Train yourself to be feminine. A true woman should be able to take presents, elegantly hint at her “wannabes”, innocently flirt and be at the same time inaccessible. Let the man take care of you.

This is all the “wisdom” of the consumation . As you see, there is nothing terrible and reprehensible here. Consummation has nothing to do with intimacy.


1) Let’s say that much if not everything depends on you,  first of all!

It happens that a girl looks like a model of Victoria Secret, but it doesn’t  work because she is not interested and believes that everyone owes  something to her.

Otherwise – another deal. A girl has not a model hight and shape, but all the guests at the club are hers! That’s all in charm, manners and smile. This is a positive attitude, the ability to listen and hear what you say. Everything in the complex produces a bomb!

2) Vacancy.

The beginning professional model  can earns not so much. At first just enough for food to put it simply. But if the girl has perseverance and a desire to develope only in this direction (if there is a model appearance, of course), then the demand will appear over time.

Hostesses in clubs easily get from 1500-2000-3000 USD  per month or more (depending on how active they are, see paragraph 1).

Well, the most profitable job is strip dancer performing topless. Starting from   1000-2000 USD  per month  and to infinity. For example, the latest  report from South Africa (Cape Town): net salary for 46 days = 10000  USD (minus tickets and all expenses).

3) Countries.

Top earnings list:

South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Germany, Portugal.

Each contract has its own requirements for girls, and you have your own preferences.Therefore, initially we fill in a questionnaire, attach photos and choose a contract!

Contact your Prestige Model Agency manager!