Switzerland 1
Switzerland , officially the   Swiss Confederation ,is a state in Central Europe . İt is a country of uncountable lakes , hamels and Alpine Alps. Middle-Age districts are preserved in a number of Swiss cantons. Among popular places of interest of Middle-Age  period are the Clock Tower in Bern and Chapel Bridge in Lucerne . Switzerland is famous for ski resort and walking routes. Major part of economy in the country belongs to bank and financial foundations. And of course the Swiss clock and Swiss chocolate are famous in all the world.


A country of reliability and quality


Switzerland is a close country, it is not easy to enter there , that’s why it attracts a lot of people. İt is like a life-long dream . Switzerland it’s one and only confederation in the world. İt is famous for not only impeccable bank system and well-known the Swiss clock brands ,but also it famous for unrivalled Swiss chocolate and local vines. Also Swiss automative manufacture is specific art form. Furthermore, Switzerland it’s a birthplace of many international organizations. There are 4 official languages in Switzerland. The most little-known language is Romanche. Only 0.7 % of population use it. All markets close at 07:00 pm and dont work on Sundays. But there are some exceptions : on Thursday markets open until 09:00  pm and small shops have their own work-system .


Preference of Switzerland


– Nature and landscape.


– Alps cover almost all area of Switzerland. There are a lot of wonderful lakes . Beauty beyond thought is all around here.


– Chocolate and cheese . There is no denying the truth. İt is considered that Swiss chocolate is the most delicious in the world.


– Any mode of transport in Switzerland works perfectly. Swiss buses or trains run on the minute.


Night life in Switzerland


Night life-style for youth or for those who can’t imagine their life without night clubs and bars. The night – clubs and bars in Switzerland are situated in big cities. Generally public places are closed after 11:00  pm and streets get quiet and peopleless.


Who might be interested in working in such a position in Switzerland?


Hostess-models at the age from from 18 to 35  years old can earn near to 2300-4500 SFR per month . The Swiss are offish  and they engage unwillingly. That’s why huge privilege in this country are knowledge of language and commitment of getting partner in conversation interested .


Advantages of work in the country


– Switzerland is one of the number of countries, where high living standard is quaranteed. Switzerland provides employment for foreigners about 76%.


– There are natural landscapes, great ecology and cleanness everywhere.


– Visa free entry to the countries of Schengen agreement  for each Swiss.


A lot of people dream to travel around the World ,but to live and work abroad much more interesting.  İn all fairness, those , who move abroad for a long-time term , leave their families and home grands interested primarily in earnings ,but not in views and beauty  of nature around. So, let’s combine business with pleasure ,why not? Switzerland is expensive country ,but also it is the country with strong earnings.