Spain 1­
­Spain – is a European country situated on the Iberian Peninsula. The territory of Spain is divided into 17 autonomous regions. There are the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum in Madrid the capital of the country where the creations of European masters are kept. You can visit the medieval castle (Alcazar) in Segovia and observe the well-preserved Roman aqueduct. Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. The city image is determined by the numerous quaint fantastical creations of the architect Antonio Gaudi, among them there’s a Temple of the Holy Family.

Sunny Spain attract you


You can make both things as they say when being in Spain. Make money and see all beauty of the country. Spanish are incredibly sociable and open people, so it’s easy to talk to them. The sea, countless bars, restaurants, clubs and incendiary parties – all this and much more in Spain is almost round the clock and for any savour.

Working advantages  in Spain

– The labor market is not oversaturated, which means that there is no shortage of customers


– incredible beautiful country


– rich historical and cultural heritage


– one of the best cuisines in the World


– safety 24 hours a day


– the opportunity to visit the real bullfight


– the most modern and clean  beaches


– simple  document’s processing

How much do they pay in Spain?

The Spanish are true connoisseurs of entertainment shows and communication. That is why dancers and model-hostesses are most popular here. It is not necessary to be a strip dancer. Guests of various pubs, bars, restaurants are ready to pay a decent amount of money in order to see the dancing of girls in beautiful costumes or just chat. The style of dancing is not particularly important – the main thing is the colorfulness of the costumes and the thoughtfulness of the show. Pretty good money is paid for this. The amount of earnings per month is about from  1500 to 4000 € .

Who might be interested in working in such a position in Spain?

Girls from 18 – 37 years old will be able to find a suitable job for themselves in Spain without much difficulty. Since theSpain  is a member of the European Union there is visa-free entry for Ukrainian biometric passports .


Any civilized persone  should at least once visit the homeland of brave torero and passionate carmen. To catch delight near the Sagrada Familia, the fantastic creation of Gaudi. Visit the Prado Museum and the house of El Greco. To see the fiery dances of flamenco. Hear the Spanish guitar. There are many reasons to go to Spain. This is an amazing relationship between the Spanish and Russian souls. It is a hot sun and a gentle sea, a picturesque combination of a bright blue sky and golden beaches. These are dizzy attractions in Port Aventura and exciting bullfights, incredibly delicious paella and famous red wine.