South Korea

South Korea 1­
South Korea is a state in East Asia that before was called the Republic of Korea . The capital of South Korea is city Seoul. This country is famous not only for it’s national cuisine ,that is considered like one of the best cuisines in the world,but also for its great culture and history. South Korea is a founder of e-sports – it is a kind of sport competitions through video games.

South Korea is a unique and incredible country and also famous for its strongly-pronounced  4 seasons. As spring sets in forsythia, bush cherry , azalea and other wonderful flowers flourish. İn summer people go to the beaches to pulling thought heat and enjoy their time . İn autumn all trees wear purple-gold leaves cover . And in winter snow caps on cusps impress all travellers.


Nightlife in South Korea


The Koreans adore entertainments. Unreal developed level of pop-culture raised this country on the leading position in the world. There are a lot of entertainments suitable for free time after work hours: hundreds night clubs,karaoke and another nightspots. These places are so bright and fierily , that you want to see each one with your own eyes. Korean pop-up culture is on the top now ,that’s why there is extensive range of options.


How much South Korea can pay ?


On hostess position in karaoke-bars and clubs the girls can earn near 1500-4000 USD  per month. As the Koreans are so cheerful ,there is an alternative of earning money – to play with Koreans tabletop games. İt is one of very popular entertainments in South Korea after everyday working life. Koreans are easy to get in touch with and like free-hearted mirth.


Who might be interested in working in such a position in South Korea?


Hundreds girls from all the world dream to see Korea with their own eyes and to feel inspiration of Korean pop-culture . And this dream can come true with vacancy of hostess-model. Koreans have strict requirements for looks of the hostess-models. İt is worth to have in mind Korean standards of beauty. The age should be from 19 to 27 . But with girl’s personal attraction the knowledge of language is not strictly required . Koreans is so emphatic and 99% of communication with them is based on motions and mimics.


Working advantages in South Korea.


Bureaucracy is at the minimum.


Korean “palli-palli” means “chop-chop”. This is it ! There is fast service everywhere : at the restaurants, markets ,banks , barbershops almost around the clock. People are so kindly. All the streets are illuminated and people never take someone else’s belongings. This is safeness! Korean medicine is high- developed and such expensive. Social aspect in Korea is really fullfledged.


Presently the most famous Koreans are : first Korean presidentess of the Republic of Korea Pack Geun – Hye , a singer PSY ,who won the world with the hit ” Gangnam style” and also figure skater Kim Yuna,who became a champion of Winter Olympic games in Vancouver in 2010 and winner of Figure skating World championship in 2013 . As a result of all-round spreading of Korean wave , Girl’d Generation group , SHINee group ,actors Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki gained iconic status in all the World.