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St. Martin (Sint Maarten) is an island in the northeast Caribbean Sea in the chain of the Eastern Caribbean Islands. It is the smallest inhabited island in the world, simultaneously being a part of two states.

The reason why you should visit the Caribbean
The 87-square-kilometres Caribbean island area is located south of the Anguilla island and east of Puerto Rico. The island belongs to two countries at once. The northern part belongs to France and the southern part lie to the Netherlands. There are no borders on the island, there is only a symbolic column with which tourists are make a pictures. The French call the island “Saint-Martin”, and the Dutch identify “Sint-Martin”. It is called the island of St. Martin in Russia sometimes.
The island with a dry climate with sufficient humidity due to winds. You can visit the island all year round, but the peak during the Christmas holidays of
Europeans and Americans, also in April-May.

Features of islandlife
Visa required. You can apply for a visa at the visa centers of France or the Netherlands, looking at the part of the island where you want to spend more time. The list of documents is no different from the package of documents for the Schengen visa. If you want to visit several islands in the Caribbean, this should be indicated in the questionnaire, for example, the island of Barthelemy.
The airport is located in the Dutch part in the Philipsburg city – largest city on the island. Marigo is the capital of the French part. It is difficult to call these settlements cities, because of there are no more than 2000 inhabitants. It is best to navigate the names of beaches and bays on the island.

The island’s advantages
The best place to live is Marina Simpson bay. First, it’s not far from the airport “Princess Julianna” and the beaches of Maho with Mullet Bay.
Secondly, there is a good infrastructure here. These are solid restaurants with live music, where you can have a delicious dinner.
The value of good hotel is a minimum around 100 USD and the usual cost about 130-150 USD per night. Remember that hotels usually do not include breakfast. The service is weaker than hotels in the Dominican Republic. That’s why we can say that there is no service at all.
The official languages are Dutch on the Dutch part and French on the French part, but everybody speaks English.
The most unique airport in the World is also here. It’s necessary to admit that many people come to Saint-Martin just because of it.
The runway of the international airport named after Princess Juliana is known for the fact that it starts with Maho beach, so planes land directly over the heads of tourists.
Standing over the huge KLM Boeing is an extreme pleasure. The second entertainment is to stand at the fence when planes are blast off, the main thing is to hold on tight.
Who might be interested in working in such a position in Sen Marten?
The age of girls applying for a job as a strip dancers is from 19 to 30 years old. Approximate earnings in this case will be from5000 to 10000 USD in case if you have work visa. Preference is given to those with experience, although this is not a determining factor.

Applicants can be girls that dance topless, pole dance, dancers of different styles or performing dance shows, also ready to work with consummation, which can be non-alcoholic, at the request of the girl.
The girl who wants to work in a club must remember that without charm, grace, wit and the ability to endear rich tourists who are interesting for entertainment after beach relaxation, the ability to talk them into consummation and sell them her private dance, she can not hold out at least some time in competition with other beauties.