Portugal 1­

Portugal is a southern European state on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. The location of the country on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean has influenced its culture. National dishes are salted cod and   grilled sardines . The most popular place among tourists is the beaches of the Algarve region. Most of the architectural buildings date back to the 16th-19th centuries, when Portugal was a great maritime power.

The reason why you should visit  Portugal

The Portuguese are really special in everything. Local boys and girls play football on the beach. There are many children everywhere, and they are adored very much.
Young people are very beautiful. Girls apply on their lips red lipstick, wear high-heels with dresses, and their bodies are bronzed. As for  men, most of them are short, but their smile, temper, and physically developed body perfectly compensate their height. It has been historically developed so that the overwhelming majority of the population is smoking. Life here flows quietly and steadily, and the whole country except the capital, Lisbon – is one huge province with pastoral landscapes and scattered here and there villages and small towns. Someone likes this existence, someone – not so much.
Advantages of living in the country
● The standard of living in Portugal is higher than in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and in Eastern Europe
● excellent environmental conditions
● food is of exellent quality and inexpensive
● Real estate in Portugal is cheaper than in neighboring countries
● low level of bureaucracy
● the possibility of business immigration with low costs
● the low crime rate is lower than in neighboring Spain, which is also a fairly calm country
● Stable political environment
● Portuguese are  polite, open, friendly and sociable people
● High life expectancy
● Wherever you go in Portugal it’s so close to the sea
● Absence of banal domestic rudeness
●The vast majority of the Portuguese speaks English
●Taxes on income in the country are moderate
● Officials aren’t rude, and people for any help can go to the police and get it very help, always politely and with a smile
●Good state medicine
Nightlife in Portugal
The night activities of Lisbon are concentrated in the Bairrou-Altu area, where young people daily come from all over the city after sunset. Walking through Bairro-Alto during the day, you do not even suspect that in this quiet and unremarkable place when it’s getting dark, loud music and merry laughter are heard.
The unique Portuguese folk music fado originated more than two centuries ago in the poor neighborhoods of Lisbon. Now there is quarter of Alfama in this place, rich in nightlife, in which with the accompaniment of the Portuguese guitar, these beautiful lyrical songs are performed. The most iconic institutions of Alfama are the Clube de fado (Club Fado) and the restaurant João da Praça, with performances in which the career of many well-known performers of this Portuguese romance began.

When twilight falls, spreading the blanket of night over the city on seven hills, when the plaintive tinkle of streetcars dies away, Lisbon reveals itself from the most multifaceted, eclectic side.

Who might be interested in working in such a position in Portugal?

Girls, whose age starts from 19 years and up to 37 can work as dancers in a strip genre with consummation and at the same time earn from 1500 to 4000  EUR per month.
The night in the Portuguese capital it is a variety of possibilities that can satisfy the most demanding midnight chasers: esplanades chill out, where you can contemplate the magical palette of the colors of the darkening sky, discos with the most modern electronic music of Europe, meetings with creative personalities in the industrial space with a purely Berlin style or immersion in Portuguese culture “Fado” and a special sense of nostalgia – “saudade” in traditional, but renovated restaurants, fado. All this is possible in this city, a little melancholic day  turning into a cheerful and lively night.