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Norway is a Scandinavian country , there are mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. The capital of Norway is  Oslo city  famous for its numerous parks, squares and museums. The collection of the Museum of Viking ships collected oak vessels from the IX century. From Bergen where many multicolored wooden houses have been preserved boats depart to the majestic Sognefjord every day. The popular entertainments in Norway are fishing, hiking and skiing at the resorts of Lillehammer, where the 1994 Olympic Games were held.

Why Norway?

Norway was a quiet and peaceful “provincial” country, but the economic boom based on the discovery of oil and gas deposits and their proper exploitation, as well as successful social policy made it a completely different state. Even citizens of the neighboring countries of Europe are jealous of the life in Norway. It’s not for nothing that people from different parts of the World dream of getting shelter, finding a job or moving to this prosperous, developed and stable state. This is not so simple, because the government strictly  makes control for migration flows. It is believed that the Russians, Ukrainians and Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic countries  who settled here  are lucky.
Advantages of Norway:
● Norway is a small country with the  5 million population
● It is included into the list of the countries of the world with the highest standard of living and very expensive products. This country is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and gas after the Russian Federation.
● Norway is proud to be a Social Democratic society.
● This rich country tries to maintain its well-being at an appropriate level, which left its imprint on its mentality and traditions.
● Norway has practically no social stratification for rich and poor, there is only middle class.
● Perhaps, therefore, there is no corruption.
● Norway has a very high life expectancy of 80-83 years.
● The average level of income per capita after payment of taxes is $ 33,000 per year, while the Central European figure is $ 25,000.
Nightlife in Norway
Noisy nightlife in Oslo begins after midnight. The city has more than 100 night cafes, clubs and restaurants, 35 of which are open until 04:00 a.m.
In whatever part of the capital you stop, there is always something to do at night. To the delight of active adult tourists, many bars are open here, where you can drink a cocktail or a glass of beer (for example, in Grünerløkka Brygghus).
The Oslo nightclubs open their doors in a warm and welcoming manner, where both Norwegian and foreign DJs groove up to 03:00 a.m.
The biggest club in Norway’s capital, Nivou, will satisfy admirers of any musical trends, and in Rockefeller, John DEE or Sentrum Scene, on Jungstorg Square you can get to a rock concert. Disco in the capital also take place on the decks of yachts moored at the pier of the Aker-Brugge area. Want a striptease? Have a look at the Lamour or Blaze Club.
When choosing adult entertainment in Oslo, keep in mind that in many clubs there are age restrictions (entrance from 18 or 20 years). Also anyone, who is interested in the night life of Oslo should know that in the majority of institutions it is forbidden to smoke.
A classy dance floor awaits at the club Pigalle, in Vu you will like a variety of musical genres, and in Raspoutine there is an unusual interior. Perhaps the most popular clubs in the city are Smuget, Cafe Con Bar, Blaa and Garage, at the entrance of which there are always lines.
Also, Oslo is one of the favorite places for international performers of classical, pop, rock and jazz music. Autumn and winter are seasons of cabaret, theater and concerts. In the city there are 4 cabarets and 9 theatrical scenes. There are age restrictions for visiting clubs and bars. In those places where there is a license only for beer and wine, visitors must be at least 18 years old. For establishments with strong alcoholic beverages, the minimum age is 20 years.
Who might be interested in working in such a position in Norway?
Females,aged from 18 to 30 years only if they have a passport of the European Union for vacancies of striptease dancers and pole dancers, can expect a salary of € 3,000 to € 10,000 per month.

Norway is one of the best ski resorts in the world, and in summer many tourists come here to admire the wonderful landskape. But there is difference between visit country or live here.
The local climate is another flaw of Norwegian life. Almost half of year  there is darkness and there is no sun, therefore it is necessary to spend the winter in the closed premise. Many locals feel depression in winter, and in summer suffer from insomnia due to the fact that the next six months the sun does not set. Of course, you can go skiing, but the majority of Norwegians prefer to spend winter in warm countries. Norwegians constantly use  fish oil in capsules  for compensate the lack of vitamins. The  doctors advise  to foreigners do the same.