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There is a colorful island state in East Africa – the Republic of Mauritius. It occupies a small area of aquatorium in the south-west of the Indian Ocean. The distance between Mauritius and Madagascar is 900 km. The island of Mauritius is the largest land in this area of the ocean. It is a part of the Mascarene Islands.


It’s a tropical island of eternal summer situated in  the center of the Indian Ocean. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? To characterize Mauritius briefly, one can hear: “God created Paradise looking at Mauritius”. Thay say it because there are ideal conditions for life. And if you think about moving on somewhere, opening your own business or buying additional real estate, there is no place better than Mauritius.


It is an isolated island not only from the point of view of geographical remoteness. It is strikingly different from other resorts like “Bounty” with its amazing kindness and the feeling of eternal relaxation, which does not leave the guests of the island from the first and until the last minute of staying here.


Mauritius is one of the youngest countries on the World. The island of Mauritius is a part of the Commonwealth, led by the United Kingdom. The head of the state is nominally the British Queen. The size of the island is not large and about 1860 square kilometers. The resort is unusual for its ethnic and cultural diversity of inhabitants who have come here for centuries from all continents and countries of the world: Europe, Asia, Madagascar. They brought here their customs, languages, religions, which they try to observe. The evidence of it is local numerous religious festivals.


Why Mauritius


Mauritius is one of the most popular exotic destinations among European tourists. There are wedding tours, diving, surfing and beach holidays in Mauritius as well as its ridiculous names of the mountains (Cat and Mouse, Three nipples, Big Thumb), rivulets, waterfalls including “underwater”. It is a bit like the rest in the Maldives and Seychelles. Hovewer it differs in many aspects.


The advantages of the country:


– A pleasant mild climate all year round.


– Perfect ecology


–  One of the most successful economies in Africa


– Modern and developed infrastructure


– Excellent education system with international schools


– Democracy, as well as developed legislative framework


– Modern medicine and clinics of the European standard


– Effective and dynamic banking system


– Due to its beauty and ecology this island has become a world-class resort.


– Snow-white beaches, affectionate turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean, luxury hotels of the highest level, innate hospitality of Mauritians and impeccable management make the holiday in Mauritius popular among tourists.


– There is everything you need for a good rest, sports and excellent pastime (golf, tennis, sailing and horse riding, hiking, hunting and fishing, fitness centers, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing)




Nightlife in Mauritius is not very stormy but the supporters of a fun night-time will not be bored on this island.


In addition to the famous nightclubs in the capital of Mauritius – Port Louis (for nighttime entertainment it is advisable to go to the area of Leл Caudan), there are a lot of bars working until the morning, some of them are located by the sea, so dances are arranged right there on the sand.


Young people should keep their course to the south-west (Flic en Flac) and the north of the island (Grand Baie). The village of La Gaulette is also worthy of attention with its club-restaurant ENZO, Benitier Island, famous for its open-air electronic music, the Tamarin district, where Big Willy’s Restaurant & Bar is located, it always pampers visitors with live music, discos, excellent vintage wines.


There are 2 bars in  Arena Private Club , Flic en Flac  an open-air pub (where cocktails and beer are served, music video clips and football matches are shown to guests), 2 dance floors. On Saturdays and Fridays residents of Arena Private Club – DJ David   Jay and DJ Luv (main


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lines – house, r’n’b, hip hop), and sometimes even international DJs perform here.


The height of the fun in the club Les EnfantsTerribles, Pointe aux Canonniers (is opened to 03:00, the dress code works) is at midnight, although start to get down in one of the 3 rooms intended for dancing (in each of them there are different DJs and different music – Pop, R’n’B, Hip Hop). It’s worth to remark that Les Enfants Terribles has a summer area with wicker chairs and tables and the institution is equipped with a powerful sound system and is famous for regularly passing laser shows.


Work in Mauritius


It is hardly possible to choose a more successful foreign country, where one can work so calmly and safely. After all, the level of life is quite high on this island. Therefore, Mauritius is considered absolutely safe for residing and employment of entrants. Besides low crime rate in the country contributes to the safety, as well as the low level of diseases that are prevalent in the territory of the subtropics.


The advantage for employment in Mauritius is the knowledge of English, but quite a few vacancies are offered to those who speak French.


Girls in the position of hostesses with consummation in the age from 18 to 35 years, as well as strip dancers can earn from 1500 to 3000 USD per month.


Traveling is the most beautiful thing that can be in our life. At the same time, many people regret that their vacation ends in a week or two. You have a great chance to combine work with rest in this wonderful country, staying in which is associated first of all with romance. Only geographical names in the official language of Mauritius – French – are worth it! Bois des Amourette – “The Grove of Lovers”, Poudre d’Or – “Golden Powder”, Ile d’Ambre – “Amber Island”