Mali 1­
Republic of Mali is large state in north-west of Africa . The name of this Republic means ” hippopotamus”. Someone can think that Mali is limited and pure country ,that no fear can offer various rest for experienced tourist. But it’s absolutely wrong, because Mali has great history ,as a matter of fact that it was a part of huge African confederacy formerly. Mali is a country of dry and hot tropical climate. Unlike with another tropical states, that are afflicted with tropical rains yearly, in the north of the country it is not raining over the years. Mali is developing country and  one of the largest countries of Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako.


What is interesting in Mali?


Mali is quite safe country, but however it is no good to let the guards down. In Bamako you can fall the victim of pickpockets while on the railway stations of Bamako and Kayes operate groups of thiefs, that steal the baggages of tourists. Be careful during your trips to the desert. A lot of grifters on the street, that offer to tourists their support services to some touristic districts of the city, are also dangerous. Most of them are good enough, but it is better to be careful and to don’t lose control.


Customs of Mali


– it is very important to say “hello” to people who you contact with. Malians is so sensitive for that matter


– even when you speak with shop-assistant is better to communicate with him /her a little and ask about life in general and his /her family. This small talk will make you a good impression.


– Malians love money so much , because the money is basic necessity in their life,as the country is very pure. That’s why people bargain even with their relatives and friends.


– Here you will not find anybody,who can make something for free, so deal with it!


The Republic of Mali can brag of four points of interest that are included in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE


– The Tomb of Askia – is the place of disposition of one of the Sahel Lords. He was the first, who converted to Islam.


– Timbuktu and Djenne are ancient cities and famous for their mosques, dozens of mausoleums and great history. Temples of this area remind small sand houses from Sahara desert. Timbuktu untill 17 century was like a riddle for all Europe. Rumors about it were swirling that is incredibly rich polis. For discovering of Timbuktu was offered a reward.


– The Bandiagara Plateau is a unique sandstone with hight near to 500 meters . At the it’s bottom there are dwellings ,stores and shrines of ancient tribes. It is established that first ancient tribes began to settle of escarp near 1 thousand year ago. The Bandiagara Plateau is humbled to be a part of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE for its unusual nature landscape, that closely resonates with ancient architecture .


– Boucle du Baoule National Park is wildlife of sanctuary, there are various nature zone , including savanna with its variety wild dwellers. Significant architecture of Palaeolithic era gives zest to natural point of interest of this National park.


Earnings in the Republic of Mali


On the average ,the girls on hostess position can earn from 1000 $ to 2000$ per month. Primarily, on hostess position Malians would like to see exactly blonde girls in the age of 20-25 with knowledge of English.


Advantages of work in Mali


Guests of pubs and bars are primarily foreigners. Not only the beauty of nature landscapes, legendary cities and ancient seats of learning, but also picturesque, atmospheric, heady nightlife of Bamako attracts a lot of tourists from all the world. About 100 thousands foreigners visit country every year and income from touristic business is near to 90 mln USD per year.


Mali is a pearl of Africa. You can combine rest with work and get a lot of impressions from visiting of this country for sure.