Luxembourg 1­
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  located in the middle of Western Europe,  is a thriving business center. More than 40% of the country’s population are repatriates and immigrants – it’s 170 different nationalities.


There are the Ardennes mountains covered with dense forest and nature parks in the north of the country, in the east the rocky gorges of the Müllerthal region, in the southeast are  vineyards of the Moselle valley. The capital of Luxembourg with the same name is famous for its fortified medieval old city, crowned by steep cliffs.


What is interesting about Luxembourg


It is considered a “banking state”, famous for its agriculture, nature and architecture. One of the most expensive, comfortable and safe countries in Europe.


Dozens of offices of IT companies work in the capital such a  Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Viber and others. Luxembourg is very beautiful. There is a lot of greenery, the city is not built up and is not overloaded with transport.


Society is European – most people are friendly and open, sociable and tolerant. Since a lot of people work here, so the local people also respect rest. Cafes, bars, restaurants and all kinds of clubs have dozens of entertainment programs. However, the main visitors to the city’s bars and restaurants are tourists, because the locals are more than indifferent to nighttime entertainment.


Working Advantages in Luxembourg


– еvery resident of Luxembourg speaks at least three languages.


– Luxembourg is an excellent platform for understanding the World – a multinational country


– excellent medicine of the highest level and the insurance system safety  outside any time


– a competent taxation system with a rate of 13%


How much you can earn in Luxembourg?


Hostess-models from 19 to 35 years old  can earn from 2000 to 5000€ per month in this country. Much depends on the sociability of a girl and her mood for an interesting dialogue with the guest. Since local people speak several languages at once, communication becomes even easier. Luxembourgers respect when their interlocutor can support the conversation in a foreign language very much.


Luxembourg is comfortable for life, for doing business, for creat   family, for cognitive tourism. Being small in size, but in an extremely successful location, the country retains its beneficial status for many years in the European business crossroads. And the multinationality and openness of immigration policy makes the Grand Duchy home to hundreds of nationalities and cultures.


Luxembourg is truly amazing. It fascinates visitors and tourists, never stops to amaze and delight those who have lived here for a long time.