Lebanon 1­
Lebanon, the official name is the Lebanese Republic – a state in the Middle East, located in a mountainous area on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. In the east and north it share borders with Syria, in the south – with Israel.

In general, the central square of Beirut is called a zone of reconciliation – there are temples and mosques almost of all religious trends – Shiites, Sunnis, Maronites, Catholics and Orthodox – the zone of reconciliation is guarded from all sides by roadblocks.

What is the attractiveness of the country?

Lebanon is a small Asian state located in the Middle East, between Syria and Israel. The beaches of the Mediterranean, a comfortable climate and a rich culture ensure the influx of a large number of tourists to the country, and a free market economy contributes to flow-in of foreign investments and new job formations, also for foreigners.Holders of  hard to find in Lebanon professions, at times very exotic, are especially popular with Lebanese employers.

A distinctive feature of Lebanon is the diversity of cultures, religions and ethnic makeup. About 54% of Libyans – Muslims, 40% – Christians and the remaining 6% – representatives of other religious trends. The official language in the country is Arabic, but at the same time English, French and, to a lesser degree, Armenian are widely spread in the business sphere.

Who might be interested in working in such a position in Lebanon

Work in Lebanon for girls in 2018 is available in the entertainment sector, in particular, there are vacancies for models and dancers in numerous nightclubs. Girls at the age from 18 to 35 years old on the position of dancers of different directions, as well as vocalists and hostesses will be able to earn from 1500 to 3500 dollars per month.

To successfully search for a job in Lebanon for Russians or Ukrainians, you will need knowledge of English at a good level.

Nightlife in Lebanon

In the heart of the Christian side of Lebanon situated  Juni city , which is located just 30 minutes from the capital Beirut, is small Las Vegas of the country. Along the seaside there are almost only nightclubs, hotels, beaches, restaurants and shops of the respective directions. There are 130 night clubs in Lebanon. It is a developed and prosperous structure of the entertaining direction of Lebanon.

It is quite common to meet a Russian-speaking girl in Lebanon. It is very easy to come for work to Lebanon, citizens of our countries enjoy this opportunity.

What you need for work for registration:

– it is enough to send your photos to the manager

– copy of passport small photograph-*portrait format 3.5cm × 4.5cm

– get a contract

– send it already signed to the same trusted person.

The contract specifies a fixed salary, club, place of residence and position (only – Dancer with consumption service).

The contract is your written consent to come to this club and exactly with this salary. The signed contract and documents will be examined in the Migration Service of Lebanon within 5-10 days and a preliminary visa will be issued to the authorized person on the readiness to accept you in the country of Lebanon and to provide you with work in the agreed club. Work permit is an official document for your employment in Lebanon. It should be noted that the girl does not bear any costs, including those hidden, for the registration of a working visa. All costs for opening a working visa are paid by the employer.

Most nightclub guests are rich Lebanese. The indecently rich princes of the blood of the royal family of Saudi Arabia also do not ignore the night public places of this country and, the descendants of numerous Emir clans from the United Arab Emirates too. Businessmen and financiers from these countries, as well as from the European Union, primarily from France (whose colony was Lebanon before 1943), also spend time here without regard for religious dogma.