Japan 1­
Japan is a highly developed state that is one of the world leaders in many sectors of the economy and science. In the Land of the Rising Sun life looks very attractive from outside. And this in fact corresponds to reality. People here are mostly tolerant of legal immigrants.


Why you should visit Japan


Japan is one of the most exotic countries in the world, which was completely closedfor Europeans until the middle of the XVIII century. For more than 250 years, it has amazed and shocked the foreigners who came here. In over a hundred years the Land of the Rising Sun has managed to conquer the world thanks to the latest technological developments and high quality of products. Acquainted with its culture and traditions, people are always divided into 2 camps – those who admire and those who do not accept it at all. There are practically no indifferent people.


The night life of the Japanese


The Japanese are workaholics, they work more than 10 hours a day. That’s why they like to rest  too. Among the most popular entertainment is visiting the famous Tokyo Shinjuku district. There is a reason. You can start with the fact that the same railway station is considered the busiest in the world, passing three and a half million passengers a day, ending with the fact that it is exactly the place where the Japan’s largest skyscraper quarter is located. An example of this is the building of the Tokyo municipality with a height of 243 meters, with a viewing platform on the 45th floor and a 52-story skyscraper Shinjuku Park Tower, which appeared in the film “Lost in Translation”. In addition, in this area the famous Golden Street is located. It is a favorite place of local bohemia, as well as a huge red light district – Kabuki-cho and a geisha district with a large number of restaurants and cafes.


Advantages of Japan


– Polite people, all of Japanese are polite, in the simplest store you will be treated surprisingly pleasantly, they will never be rude, and you will not be offended because of a bad mood.


– Security is at the highest level, you can walk at any time and not worry, Japan is one of the safest countries.


– The standard of living in Japan is quite high, even the sellers get a lot of money for good work. People spend a lot, but they earn well too. An ordinary person in Tokyo spends an average of 2000 USD a month and earns the same. There will never be expired products in stores. And in general, Japan looks a cut above compared with the majority of countries.


– If you are a history lover then Japan will please you, especially Kyoto which is the capital of the history of Japan. This is where a large number of museums, temples, ancient houses and monuments are concentrated.


Who might be interested in working in such a position in Japan


Girls from 18 to 35  years old can work as hostesses, dancers and singers with hostess duties. Approximate earnings in this case is  from 1000 to 2500 USD per month.


It is a huge success to visit Japan, and you will be filled impressions. The most amazing landscapes, a unique culture and the most delicious food are all the components of Japan. The country of the rising sun will not leave indifferent any person in the World .