Italy 1­
Italy is Mediterranean country located in  Southern Europe with long coastline  which influenced much on western culture and cuisine. On the territory of Rome the capital of the country is situated Vatican  and also well known museums and ancient ruins. One of the biggest cities of Italy is also Florence, where you can see the Renaissance masterpieces, for example David’s statue by Michelangelo or famous Duomo Cathedral designed by the architect Brunelleschi, and also Venice, the city of channels and the center of fashion.
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The reason why you should visit Italy

Beautiful Italy is like a magnet for million of tourists. More of them watching this richness and beauty, begin to think about the question: “Why not leave for Italy to enjoy all these advantages, which the life can give  in developed European state with high level of life, wonderful climate and health cuisine.
Advantages of Italy:
– Italian cuisine is famous all over the World
– paradise for culture and historical sightseers
 – Italy is washed by 5 seas from three parts
 – “made in Italy” is surely the mark of quality
 – italians are good-natured, they are good in communication, well-manered
 – Italy is the third country in EU with rich economy
 – well-developed medicine
 – opportunity living and developing between great and rich history
 – untouched wilderness, clean forests, lakes and sea coasts
– can’t meet drunk people on the streets
Nightlife in Italy
Nightlife in Italian cities is blooming closer to weekend, at the beginning of the week a lot of clubs don’t work. Peak visitors period begins late at 11-12:00 pm, and lasts till 4-5:00 am.
  More of the night clubs and bars are not only the places for entertainment, but the places for interests, many of them have the regulars.
  Be ready for the increased noise at the night clubs of Italy: loud music with loud voices of italians who wants to shout to the interlocutor in any case.
  If the bars are not big, for example, in small resort town, it can be only the bar and several tables, the door is always open, the tables can be out at the street and music is loud at the street and the guests of this bar are dancing and speaking at the street with the glass of cocktail. Notably,  italians drink wine while having lunch or dinner, but they drink little at the bar.
  Work in Italy attracts with its variety.  Job offers such as dancers, hostesses can attract many girls, even certified specialists. That’s the chance to see a new country without spending money for touristic programmes and to earn money.
Who might be interested in working in such a position in Italy
Attractive girls,  age from 18 till 35 years old can earn from 1300-4000 € per month on hostesses and strip dancers vacancies. But your salary can be definitely increased if you speak Italian language. Every italian wants to listen native language.

The guests of the clubs are fashion industry representatives or people connected with fashion, who comes to Milan for fashion shows or purchasing collections from all parts of the world. Also there’s a huge ammount of tourists from all parts of the world coming to visit unique sights of Rome, Alessandria,  Florence,  immersing in the charm of Turin, romantic Venice, beautiful island of Sorrento.
  All this during  year-round. Season is not important for the job in Italy. Deciding visiting this country once, you will fall in love forever.