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India is a huge country in South Asia with a diverse terrain, There are Himalayas  mountain tops and the coast of the Indian Ocean. The history of the country has five millennia. In the Northern India  has been preserved architectural monuments of the Mughal era, including the Red Fort and the Jami Masjid Mosque (the Cathedral Mosque) in Delhi and the mausoleum of the Taj Mahal in Agra. The city of Varanasi is known as a pilgrimage place for Hindus who bathe in the Ganges, and Rishikesh is the center of yoga and the starting point for trekking in the Himalayas.


Why India?

The  residents of the CIS countries  try to find jobs in the tourist realm for instanse photographers, translators or guides. There are  also such vacancies as animators, dancers and cooks.

One of the most popular place for employment among foreigners is the resort state of Goa. Beautiful girls can come to India for  work at the model industry.


Who might be interested in working in such a position in India


India is a country of a rich culture, where they like noisy holidays, with dances, songs and loud music. Everything is as bright as India itself. Hostesses without doing consummation and musicians can  earn from 700 to 1500 USD per month.


Living and working advantages in India:

work season  begins in the Autumn

good attitude towards foreigners

cheap clothes and food

the possibility to travel

beaches on the Indian Ocean

the richest culture of the country


Nightlife in  India


The heart of the nightlife in India is North Goa. The northern part of Goa is the place where is concentrated  the main nightlife of the state . The first Europeans to open this piece of India to the whole World were hippies. They appeared here in the 70th of the XX century and were fascinated by the endless beaches and warm sea. Now North Goa is a place of mass beach tourism with  the sun, ocean, night discos, karaoke, trance parties and night markets . There are no such bazaars in any country in the World. Visitors of the markets not only make shopping , but also appear spectators of different views, listen to music, visit restaurants, eat dishes of various world cuisines and drink an excellent  local rum .


When you will come to  India, you will touch the millennial history of the Hindustan Peninsula, during which no one dozen ruling dynasties were replaced. All of them contributed to the development of the country and leaved behind themselves  the most unique cultural monuments. Geography of India is very diverse – white Himalayas under the arches of clouds are replaced by hot tropics. If you will visit India then you will immediately feel the novelty of the sensations – colors, smells, fragrances that were not previously known, but so pleasant and magical, will entice you deep into the huge triangle in the Indian Ocean.