Finland 1­
Finland situated in Northern Europe bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. The capital is  Helsinki , located on the peninsula and the adjacent islands of the Baltic Sea. You should  visit the sea fortress Sveaborg of the XVIII century, the fashionable Designer Quarter and numerous museums. In the vast Arctic province of Lapland  which is famous for its national parks and ski resorts, you can see the northern lights.


The advantagesfor  living in Finland :


– highest quality  of food products

– quality assurance

– very good  ecology, there is absolutely no garbage

– the best roads on the World

– public transport runs on schedule basis

– Finns are friendly and easy-going

– Officials and civil servants are friendly and always ready to help

– the work of the Finnish police is respected and even admired

– robot banking servise

– high level of social protection

– KELA social service reimburses part of the costs of visiting a doctor and buying prescription medicines.


To make a friendship with the Finn is a difficult task. The indigenous people of Suomi are very cautious, they need a lot of time to look at the person, get to know him better. But if the Finn called you a friend – know that is the beginning of a real long friendship. You can call him even in the midnight with the most incredible problem and you will  get unexpected help.


Nightlife in Finland


Nightife is very active in Finland ! Finns are a nation that enjoys to spend time  in karaoke bars. In the “Fredan Tivoli” you will have an unforgettable night on a large dance floor with light music, top hits of European and Finnish performers. Modern design, popular Finnish DJs – all this will not let you sit still. It is believed that “Fredan Tivoli” is the most visited club not only in Helsinki  but throughout the country, so it’s definitely worth to have a look. You should be under 19 years old for visit the clubs. Thematic parties will be especially pleasant to visit, having escaped to the Finnish capital. Girls are dressed in bright ponchos and giant sombrero in a moment will help you forget about the problems. The club sells a lot of exotic cocktails, for example “Fish cocktail”, but it is made not  from fish, it is with the addition of passion fruit and lemon juice, which gives it a special taste. Special offer is a cocktail – “Ivanovs” definitely each Ivanov should try it .


Who might be interested in working in such a position in Finland?


Girls on the position of hostesses with consummation from 19  to 30 yeas old ,and strip-dancers can earn from 1500 – 3000 EUR per month. Only in  Helsinki there are more then 100 bars, restaurants, night clubs and places where theme parties are held. Finns  are very polite, and even after a couple of glasses they will not show rudeness .

Southern Finland is the most visited region of Finland. There is an interesting for every taste – entertainment centers and water parks, attractions, museums, castles, lakes, islands, rivers, many options where to stay and where to have a snack. Southern Finland pleases people from all over the World at any season.