Estonia 1­
Estonia is similar to other countries and is not similar at the same time. This country involves Nordic minimalism with West – European glamour and post – Soviet nostalgia. The capital of Estonia is Tallin – is Middle-Age city, that was well – preserved compare with another cities of North Europe.

Tallin is one and only capital of Estonia ,but there are some cities are called frequently as informal capitals of Estonia. For instance , Tartu is famous for its  academic culture, Everybody spend their vacation in Parnu, Kuressaare is special city for weddings, Turi is famous for flower production.

The population of Estonia is around 1,3 mln people and every year near 2 mln of tourists visit this country. Estonia is one of few countries ,where a number of guests is excess of a number of citizens. Moreover, there’s houseroom for everyone, especially in nature.

What is interesting in Estonia?

– Estonia is like a buffer between Scandinavia, Central Europe  and countries ,that are located to the east of Estonia. In this country female population dominates, because for every hundred of females in Estonia there are 84 males.

– Estonia is the least populous country in Europe.

– Among EU Member States Estonia has the least population – near to 1.3 million people. Each year Estonia has a visit from a lot of tourists, more than whole population of the country.

– All citizens of Tallin use public transport for free.

– Sometimes Tallin is called as Silicone Valley of Europe, because here are the largest number of start-ups per head of population in the continent.

– Forests cover 52% of the area,and the conclusion from this fact is that Estonia is one of the greenest country of Europe.

– Estonia was first country of the world, that put into practice online voting in 2005.


Average earnings in Estonia

On the average, strip – dancers and hostesses can earn from 1500 € to 5000€  per month. The Estonians are very tolerant to the age of the girls, who work on such positions. The age of the girls varies between 18 and 33 ,in case the girl looks well- coiffed and knows fluent Russian or English.

The Advantages of the work in Estonia

Estonia is one of the small countries, that is included into EU. The population of the country is about 1.3 million people in 2018. Although, generally on level of average salary and living standards Estonian citizens advance not only their nearest neighbours – Lithuania and Latvia, but also large European countries such as Poland and Czech Republic.

Economics of Estonia develops consistently and dynamically. True proudness of Estonia is field of IT solution.

Language barrier is the last thing that could scare you in Estonia.

Wonderful clean and well- furnished beaches, various festivals and concerts, quite active night life will win over you for sure.

If you choose Estonia for the work contract,you can earn good money and also variegate your everyday working life with horse riding, sailing on yacht, surfboarding and windsurfing, tennis, canoe, fishing and other activities according to your taste.