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Croatia is Eastern European country, whose Adriatic coast has a length of almost 1800 kilometers. The state includes more than a thousand nearby islands. From the north-west to the south-east of the country extends the Dinaric Highlands. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, there are popular the medieval district of Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and variety of museums. The main seaside resort of Dubrovnik is known for its 16th-century fortress walls surrounding the Old Town with
Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

The reason why you should visit Croatia

The Republic of Croatia attracts many labor migrants from the CIS countries. But legal work in Croatia as in any other European country, causes some difficulties associated with the execution of documents. However, this doesn’t stop Russian and Ukrainian citizens intending to find work in this state. In addition, if you carefully read all the nuances of employment in Croatia, you can certainly find the right option for yourself.
Advantages of Croatia
● Warm, gentle, clean azure sea
● Stunning fragrance of pine parks
● Beautiful Mediterranean towns with traditionally narrow streets, cobbled white stone
● Many historical monuments are traces of Rome and Byzantium
● Various sea and mountain landscapes
● The national park is the Plitvice Lakes with waterfalls and tempting-transparent 18 lakes and hand-held fish
● Venice! Ironically, Croatia has Venice, which is only two and a half hours drive from Porec
● There are varied restaurant menu
● Excellent hotel service and food. There is a buffet with national evenings once a weekDelicious!
● Opportunities for water sports: boats, sailboats, water skiing for hire, diving. And also tennis courts, football, beach volleyball, golf courses, bicycles and cars   in the rental
● Ability to practice nudism, or “semi-nudism” (it’s a tan topless for women)
Nightlife in Croatia

The center of the night life is ZrćeBeach beach, right on it are several fashionable clubs. The most popular of them is Papaya. To assess the degree of its exclusivity and class, it is enough to know that thousands of fans come here on a regular basis, such electronic music monsters as Karl Cox, Armin van Buren, DJ Tiesto and Sebastian Ingrosso. In addition, Papaya club frequently arranges grand parties Sunset Boat Party. The mail idea is that the club’s visitors go to the sea on a specially chartered yacht: aperitive, excellent music and beautiful landscapes are provided to them.
  The most popular place for partying tourists is Byblos club. And for obvious reason, not so long ago it was included by the famous magazine DJ Mag in the list of the best nightclubs of the planet. It’s no wonder that here you can hear music performed by first-magnitude stars, as David Butt, Erik Morillo, Sander Kleinenberg, and Paul Okenfold performed in Byblos.
  Promotes popularity and the area where the Byblos is located is the beautiful beach of the Green Lagoon.
Who might be interested in working in such a position in Croatia?
Attractive girls, whose age is from 18 to 30 years old. Girls can choose vacancy of strip-dancers with consummation with an approximate earnings of  2000  to  4000 USD  per month or vacancy of hostess-model with earnings of  1500 to 3000  USD per month.

Croatia as  any self-respecting resort country, doesn’t lag behind in terms of parties. Novalja is a small town on the island of Pag, which attracts an army of amateurs to hang out.
Croatia is beautiful for everybody ! There live pleasant cheerful people, on the roads drive courteous drivers, there is no such incomprehensible siesta for us, although people are also not particularly burdened by work. Croats live in a buzz, and this mood is transmitted when you are here!
Together with us you can feel the whole atmosphere and drive of life in Croatia!