Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1­
Russian and Ukrainian citizens this country provides a visa free entry for 30 days .But citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan should get a visa before traveling. Actually, to get here doesn’t take much time. İn large touristic centers of B&H and it’s ski resorts there is a quite high level of service. Low prices, natural attractions , perfect cuisine and exciting landmarks make your trip around one of the most beautiful state of Southeastern Europe in the right way magnetic adventure. On the whole citizens of B&H are very friendly and they treat tourists from CİS particularly well. Brotherhood of Slavs here is not an empty phrase. Crime rate of the country is low enough, but here the only one problem for tourists it is pickpockets from Sarajevo Old Town . Clearly ,that tourists should be on elementary guard . They should not take a large sum of money and jewellery for a walk and also they should keep their belongings with them ! Among other things, tourists should not mention subjects relative to religious commitments. Don’t forget please that in B&H live both Muslims and Christians.

Advantages of the country

– friendly environment and wonderful nature of mountains

– eco tourism is high developed

– an ancient historical monuments and landmarks

– low prices of goods

– economic affordability of real estate

Nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The cities of B&H have everything for eventful life. For example, small cozy metropolitan bar ” Zlatna Ribica” ( ” Gold Fish “). İt’s open from 8 am till 3 pm,and has specific decoration ,that reminds an antique store. ” Opera – bar” is open full night ,it attracts representatives and fans of performing arts. ” Baghdad cafe” bar spellbinds by authentic eastern decoration. The Bicchieri Wine Store & Tasting Bar offers large selection of high class Italian wines. But not only in the capital you can find existing night life . Here are some of places in Bosnia ,where you can spend excellent night : popular bar “Cave of Ali Baba “, ” Shankly’s pub” in
Mostar is famous for collection of beer, beach night spots of Neum with its calm atmosphere, classic Mac Tire pub with its live music in racy Banja Luka.

Who might be interested in working in such a position?

Girls at the age from 19 to 35 years old can work as a strip dancer with consummation . The salary of a strip dancer is around 1500€ per month.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is commercially very dynamic country. Large cities attracts foreigners,and the country can have in view serious developing of service sector and touristic sector.

According to a worldwide evidence living standards of Bosnian is in excess of similar characteristic values of population in Russia , Ukraine and other countries of CİS.

İn accordance, many people are looking for a job in Bosnia and for that reason also a lot of people immigrate to Bosnia and Herzegovina.