Armenia 1­
Armenia is a wonderful country. Everyone who has been fortunate enough to visit this picturesque sunny region will agree with this. It is a state in the Caucasus located on the border of Europe and Asia. Armenia is one of the oldest Christian countries, so there are many important religious monuments here. The most famous among them are the Greco-Roman temple of Garni and the Etchmiadzinsky Cathedral which is the main temple of the Armenian church built in the 4th century. A popular place of pilgrimage is the monastery of Khor Virap. It is located near the mountain Ararat  which is an inactive volcano and is located on the territory of Turkey.


What is Armenia?

The emblem of Armenia is Mount Ararat despite the fact it is located on the territory of Turkey. Ararat is idolized, it is present on all souvenirs, on paintings, on a wooden frame of handmade chess. In addition to the mountain and cognac, the name “Ararat” is present almost in every category of goods and services.

– Food such as fruits and vegetables are all of excellent quality

– Architecture such as historical monuments, museums and landscapes enslave hearts at a glance

– Climate and nature are very favorable

– Friendly and hospitable people

– The prices at the  restaurants are cheap

– Inexpensive public transport

– Supermarkets are open 24/7
Who might be interested in working in such a position in Armenia


Armenians are extremely open, friendly, hospitable and generous, and in this case the word “extremely” is decisive. People admire their country. There is cohesion, brotherhood, readiness to help and support both insiders and dear guests. Foreigners are treated with respect, trepidation and cordiality. They are trying to please the guests and are most afraid of offending or leaving a bad impression about themselves and the country.


Girls  from 18 to 40 years old get a job as a striptease dancer with a consummation, either as a choreographer or an art director and earn from 1000 to 4000 USD per month.

Features of the Armenian public

Armenian men are very hot and sociable. Because of the mentality in this country you’ll be beating fans off with a stick. Men here know how to make approaches to a girl persistently and carry on a conversation with a glass of Armenian wine. The level of security in Armenia is incredibly high.


Yes, Armenians are open and friendly, but they expect the same qualities from you. Their generosity and hospitality should be mutual. Life is complicated for introverts and social phobes in the country of ambitious extraverts. If you are invited – you have to go, otherwise it’s a personal insult. When you are invited they are waiting for a return invitation, otherwise you are impolite and ungrateful. When communicating, you need to choose expressions carefully, think about all the possible hidden meanings of your words. Everything that can and can not be perceived at the own charge of a vulnerable Armenian soul will necessarily be perceived this way. This childish touchiness does not allow you to relax, you should always be meticulous in the choice of words.