Advice on which country to choose


Choice of country depends on many factors :

1. Visa is required ( or it should be possibility to open visa rapidly)

There are countries with visa-free entry for Russian citizens,such as Turkey , Armenia and South Korea. In these countries there is possibility to remain up to 60 days. There are some countries where you can get visa after arriving to country,for example Jordan. Opening visa for entry to the Republic of Cyprus is quiet easy. We open Pro-Visa for the entry to Cyprus for Russian and Ukrainian for free and  in 24 hours. For Ukrainians with  biometric passport  the Shcengen Area is open now . ( It means that person with biometric passport can stay in Schengen area up to 90 days during half a year) Also we have contracts in Italy , Spain, Luxembourg , Germany,Poland ,Malta etc.

2.  Ticket’s price

The prices of tickets vary from 50 to 500 USD . For example, Moscow- Istanbul flight or Moscow – Milano flight frequently you can find with price starting from 50 USD. But ticket to Singapore or to the USA costs about 400-500 USD. The  ticket’s price  you can find here

3. Personal proclivities of mentality and culture of another countries

4. Knowledge of languages

For example, in Cyprus or in Singapore upper intermediate level of English is required , because basic or elementary levels of English are unsuitable in these countries. But if you have basic level of English you can consider for the contract Turkey or Jordan . Or may be do you know Spanish and Italian ? Choice is clear .

5. Personal sociability

In case your first contact and if you are not so communicable person,you should choose contract with passive consummation. If you are active and conversable person without language barrier ,we will recommend you to choose contract with active consummation.

6. Acceptance of alcohol

If you don’t drink alcohol at all ,you can choose Italy, Turkey and South Korea.

7. Living conditions

The most comfortable living conditions in Istanbul ( 4* hotel). In Singapore there are low living conditions in a hostel format , usually 2-4 persons live in one room. 

8. Option of compensation for  return ticket 

Singapore and South Korea offer these conditions.

9. Food.

It is very uncommon thing when food for free. But it can be possible ,if you choose Turkey.

10. And of course the seaside!

Many of candidates with their first message inform their managers about high importance of the Seaside. In this case you can select Singapore or Spain ,where you can enjoy the sea all the year round,and some clubs in Italy and Turkey in addition. But in last two countries you can enjoy the sea only in a warm season – from May to October.

We wish you a good flight! And don’t forget please, even if work in the club turn out to be “not your option” ,  in all cases you will get invaluable experience of communication with different people! But if everything are  going well, next 2-3 years you can spend around the World.